We're glad you joined us today for Sunday Worship service!
As you watch today's sermon, please take a few moments by yourself or with your family to answer the corresponding sermon questions below, and, don't forget to share how you are doing church at home. Post pictures or videos of what worship looks like for you!Tag us with #vpcathome in your social media posts. 

Pastor Chris Woodard shares this week's sermon 'BELONG & BECOME COMMUNITY'. 


Throughout today's sermon, Pastor Chris asks the three questions below: 

  1. Think about a time when you have had similar feelings of the cream of mushroom soup. Are you surrounded by people who share with one another?

  2. Think about and share how you have seen the church act like the redeemed community. 

  3. Consider and share how you can be an active part of the redeemed community; how can you share the love of God with your neighbors and others - maybe it is a giving table?