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Why is VPC conducting a Capital Campaign?
For over 60 years, VPC has been a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives. The people of this congregation have shared the love of Christ through compassionate mission, intelligent classes, insightful preaching and teaching, caring for children, and a commitment to worship and the arts.
But VPC needs a plan and a place for the next 60 years. A New Heart for the Valley Capital Campaign supports phase one of a three phase Master Plan developed over 12 months with input from the congregation, various ministry groups, staff, and Session. Phase One addresses current needs to expand childcare, enhance hospitality, bring worshiping communities together, bless our local mission partners, and create a central area for connection. It will create a central hub or "heart" of the campus, bringing worshiping communities into the same space and providing updated and secure education spaces for all generation.

What will be done during Phase One of the Master Plan: A New Heart for the Valley?

  • The Sanctuary is being remodeled to create a high-quality visual and acoustic environment for all styles of worship. A new music room will be built in the sanctuary transept area. A major renovation of the organ is included.
  • The Fireside Room will be transformed into an indoor/outdoor café with seating and hospitality space, and will serve as the welcoming hub for the campus.
  • The plaza area surrounding the Sanctuary, Fireside Café, and Administration Building is being remodeled into a softer, park-like area with more natural landscape. It will be a place for all generations to connect before and after worship and other events.
  • Valley Day School and Children’s Ministry rooms are being expanded and will include a single point of entry and drop off.
  • The current Music Center is being remodeled to accommodate VPC’s Student Ministry.
  • The administrative office building is being remodeled to better serve staff, volunteers, and other administrative functions.

Will I be asked to contribute?
We hope every VPC member and friend will consider making a gift or pledge to the campaign (over and above any Faith Giving). Pledges can be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually over three years. We trust that you will seek God’s guidance and grow in faith through giving at whatever level God lays on your heart.

When will construction begin?

In order to minimize disruption during our busiest time of year, as well as Lent and Holy week, construction will begin the day after Easter 2019.

Are we giving to mission in this campaign?
Yes, absolutely! We want to follow God’s call to be generous to those less fortunate than ourselves. Two of our major mission partners, MentorKids USA and Family Promise, have a vision to expand their ministries to the south of VPC in Scottsdale’s Paiute neighborhood. VPC has a leadership opportunity to make a timely and significant impact in our community.


How much will Phase One renovations cost?
$10.2 Million is the total projected cost for Phase One renovations. Because of the diligent work of the Building Committee the total cost has been reduced approximately 20% from the original $12.5 million.

     Project component costs:

  • $1,000,000: Support for our mission partners (a tithe of 10%)
  • $3,859,000: Sanctuary
    Construction, organ renovation, acoustics, new music room, audio/visual, furnishings
  • $1,827,000: Plaza & Café
    Fireside room renovation, plaza construction, landscape, site work
  • $840,000: Student, Family Ministry, and Valley Day School expansion renovations and construction of student ministry, children, and adult classrooms.
  • $768,000: Administration Building
    Includes new main entry, office and conference space, landscape, site work
  • $1,918,000: Architectural fees, taxes, and permits.


What if we don’t raise all the money, will the church take on long-term debt? No.
The master plan is flexible and we will only build in correspondence to the amount raised. Components will be prioritized and postponed if necessary. It may be necessary to take a short term loan to cover the gap between construction expenses and pledge fulfillment.

What if we raise more than needed?
What great optimistic faith! Such a generous response would allow VPC to implement Phase Two (and possibly Phase Three), give more to mission, and get closer to a fully realized Master Plan!

Building Questions

The Sanctuary renderings show streamers hanging from the ceiling. What are they?
It is important to remember that renderings are meant to be an imaginative indication of what a space could look like and not a fixed determination of what will be. The fabric pieces in the renderings provide acoustical treatment and allow for creative lighting. They will likely be made of a white translucent material and hang only to the depth of the beams. In addition to their acoustical purpose, they will also help hide fire sprinklers (now required by building code) and, when desired, can enhance the aesthetic properties of the room by reflecting colored light (imagine red on Pentecost, purple during Advent, and yellow for Easter). When complete, the Sanctuary will be reverent and demonstrative of God's glory.

Are we replacing the organ?
The 1968 Reuters organ is a great instrument however, certain components are showing severe wear and need to be refurbished. The bellows and pipes will be refurbished where needed and the console will be replaced.  The new console will be moveable thus providing flexible positioning for special events.

Will the sound be improved in the Sanctuary?
Yes.  A Meyer Constellation sound system will be installed and the sanctuary “tuned” in order that, by a touch of a button, the sanctuary will have optimal sound for each type of music, accompaniment, or speech.  Click the following url to see and hear a demo of the system from another church:   Watch

Will the Sanctuary seating be improved? Will seating capacity be reduced?
Although there will be fewer rows of seating, the radial (semicircle) orientation of the chancel and seating will maintain our current seating capacity. The radial orientation provides better sightlines for all and enhances connection with one another. The new seats, incorporating recent ergonomic design, will be comfortable, inviting, and efficient.

Is anything being done to the Sanctuary balcony?
The pews in the balcony will be removed and new seating that matches the rest of the Sanctuary will be added. There may be a renovation to the balcony wall in order to improve visual sightlines.

Education Area
Don't the kids love the basement? What are the advantages of moving youth out of the basement and into the heart of campus?
From a professional ministry perspective, locating the main youth space on the ground floor fits with our ministry goals: Easier access opens opportunities for engagement with parents and visiting families and promotes intergenerational connection within the VPC community; positioning  youth in the heart of our campus next to our worship center indicates that youth are a priority; windows provide an element of safety as well as natural light; and a space (with break out rooms) designed with youth activities in mind reduces the risk of injury and damage to exposed pipes and conduits hanging from the basement ceiling and walls.

If the Fireside room becomes a café, where will adult classes meet on Sundays?
A new classroom will be constructed where Pastor Joynt's office is currently located. Pastor Joynt will move to another location. The Calvin Center classroom will remain an adult classroom space with a new look and updated technology.

Guide to Joyful Giving!

How much should I give? Please prayerfully consider your best gift possible, over and above your annual Faith Giving commitment. 

When are pledge commitments due?  We’d like to receive commitments by September 30, 2018.  This will allow the church to prudently plan for paying construction costs according to payment expectations.  We are happy to receive new commitments after September 30 as well. 

How/when should I pay my pledge? Your commitment may be paid over the next three years (through December 31, 2021). You may pay weekly, monthly, annually, all at once, or any time before December 31, 2021. (See below for ways to give.)

I am uncomfortable making a pledge. What if my financial situation changes and I can't fulfill a pledge? A pledge is not a legally binding obligation. We understand that circumstances can (and do) change. Pledging is important to help our leadership determine the scope and budget for the project. If circumstances change, a simple call to the finance office to let VPC know that you will need to reduce, delay, cease (or increase!) giving will let us adjust and plan accordingly.

What if I can’t make a large commitment?  Does it really matter?  Yes, it absolutely matters! Giving to A New Heart for the Valley is an expression of your commitment to Christ and to the future of His and your church. Nehemiah, Chapter 3, is a poignant example of how everyone's support matters. The chapter is wholly devoted to describing the more than 40 families and residential groups that helped rebuild sections and parts of the wall of Jerusalem. It is a vivid reminder that it takes everyone to contribute in order to build God's house! Your gift - no matter the size - makes a difference!

Can I make gift to the campaign through my estate? Yes! If you are 80 years or older, an estate gift for the campaign may be appropriate. Certain additional paperwork must be completed. Please contact  the VPC office for more information.

Can gifs other than cash be utilized to fulfill my pledge to A New Heart for the Valley campaign?" Absolutely! Consider the following ways to make a gift or fulfill your pledge, some of which may have tax advantages:

  • Stock: Transferring appreciated stock directly to VPC allows the donor to avoid capital gain taxes.
  • IRA: If you are over 70-1/2, IRA distributions given directly to VPC will not be counted as income (up to $100,000 per year) thus reducing income taxes.
  • Donor Advised Funds: Designate "Valley Presbyterian Church (A New Heart Campaign)" as the recipient.
  • Planned/Estate Giving: When certain criteria are met, you may be able to make a gift to the campaign through an estate bequest, life insurance policy, charitable annuity or trust instruments, etc.
  • Cash/check: Gifts and payments can be made via check (please indicate "ANHFTV" in the memo) and placed in the weekly offering or sent to the church office.
  • Credit card: Please make payments online with credit/debit cards at vpc.church/give - (Select 'A New Heart fund')
  • Automatic bank (or credit card) payments can also be set up at vpc.church/give - (Select 'A New Heart fund')

If you have questions about how you can contribute to A New Heart for the Valley, contact us.


Pastor David Joynt's Call to Commitment Letter


Pastor David Joynt's A New Heart for the Valley Letter


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Upcoming Event

Men's Adult Basketball

Every Thursday, 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM

Upcoming Event

Men's Adult Basketball

Every Thursday, 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM

Reason for supporting A New Heart for the Valley are many. Read what VPC members are saying below.



I applaud the effort to make the physical improvements that can help us be more of a church community and have that sense of community.  I’ve been impressed with the effort to  [develop and accomplish the renovations] in the most efficient and the most effective way.  As Presbyterians, I think we can be proud that we are getting the most for our money which is what we want to do.  But, more than that, the investment will really bring us into the future where we need to be.  ~ Jon Kyl

Watch Jon Kyl share more




VPC has blessed our family in so many ways and we have been very impressed with their commitment to Children’s Ministry. These improvements to our campus will truly create a “heart” for all of our generations to engage with each other so that we truly are one church. For our family it is a privilege to make this commitment to give back to a church that has become a cornerstone of our lives in Phoenix. ~ Tiffany and Miles Pondelik

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I'm excited to belong to a church that thinks about the future and thinks about it so intentionally. Although giving to this campaign required some changes in my household budget, I believe that investing in the future is one of the most important things I can do. I am investing in the future of VPC, I am investing in the future of our community, and I am investing in the future of so many different people. To me it is worth the sacrifice.  ~ Beth Allen

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We love Valley Presbyterian Church!  We were married here and have raised our two daughters at VPC. They went to the Valley Day School and attended Sunday school. the now are "big kids" and active in student ministry. We have experienced first hand the love and support of this church at every point in our lives. It is an honor to give back to our church and continue VPC's legacy for other families in years and decades to come - ~ Tony and Kristen Will





VPC has been at the center of our lives since 1998. It captured our hearts from the very beginning. The preaching, staff, programs, and friendships then and today are the foundation of our lives. We believe A New Heart for the Valley is a significant and meaningful initiative. Transforming our campus into a center where our ministries can grow, generations can mingle, and faith is nurtured is critical to meeting the needs of those who enter into our midst. God calls us to this significant work. That's why we are supporting this initiative in a significant way. VPC is not Jim and Candy's church, it is OUR church. Please join with us and, together, let's support the new vision for VPC. ~ Jim & Candy Unruh





The most significant intention is to create a "center" of the campus instead of having our diverse demographics spread from one end of the campus to the other. A New Heart for the Valley is great and a wonderful goal but accomplishing a heart and central focus for our church campus and programs will be so rewarding. I believe the New Heart for VPC will help attract those who are searching and longing for a relationship with Christ. I want to help that happen.  ~ Becky Bennett





We love our church. We believe VPC is important for God's Kingdom in our community. We had not given much thought about our facilities until the Master Plan Committee began its work. We now realize how important refurbishing and changing our facilities could be to our church's life and growth. We believe the plans in place allow us to be a more welcoming, worshiping, learning, and serving community. We are joyfully and gratefully committing a major portion of our resources to make this happen. We are confident of God's blessing in this effort and ask all to consider being significantly involved in this campaign. ~ Carol & Dave Eaton





Beth and I are supporting A New Heart for the Valley with a gift over and above our faith giving, and I hope each and every member of VPC will support this exciting endeavor. We see it as a blessing to be able to give to an initiative that Beth and I see as coming from God's direction through the people of His church at VPC! ~ Ed Glady, Building Committee Chairman


The changes in the sanctuary are going to really be wonderful from both a worship experience and singing performance perspective. We support A New Heart for the Valley because we feel that it will further the growth in our church; leaving a legacy for our congregation and for Valley church. We trust our leadership who have themselves strongly supported the campaign. This remodeling will enhance our spiritual and musical worship experiences. ~ Jim and Kathy Arner

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Ways to fulfill your pledge:

  • Cash: Gifts can be made via cash or check; or online with credit/debit card or checking account (vpc.church/give, select ‘A New Heart fund’) 
  • Stock: Transferring appreciated stock directly to VPC allows the donor to avoid capital gain taxes 
  • IRA: If you are over 70½, IRA distributions given directly to VPC will not be counted as income (up to $100,000 per year) thus reducing income taxes 
  • Donor Advised Funds: Designate “Valley Presbyterian Church (A New Heart Campaign)” as the recipient
  • Planned/Estate Giving: When certain criteria are met you may be able to make a gift to the campaign through an estate bequest, life insurance policy, charitable annuity or trust instruments, etc.

If you have questions about how you can contribute to A New Heart for the Valley, contact our offices at (480)991-6424 ext. 112.


Upcoming Event

Men's Adult Basketball

Every Thursday, 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM