Pastor David JoynT's Letter 

I want a new heart! Do you? Do you also long for a heart, and for a community, that is deeper, stronger, and more faithful than ever before? A heart, and a church, full of grace and truth, overflowing with love and goodness!? This weekend, we begin two exciting initiatives. We begin a sermon series that will last through Easter, and we start a Capital Campaign. Both endeavors have the same name—A New Heart for the Valley, because both have the same purpose: to deepen our hearts for God and His mission. This vision for a new heart began in 2016. Our Session commissioned a task force to develop a Master Plan for our campus in partnership with an architectural firm, Jones Studio. Our congregation, through surveys, town halls, and focus groups expressed a strong desire to integrate our life together and to create a new physical heart for our ministries of worship, welcome, outreach, discipleship, and generational connection. Our staff and leadership believe the plans are beautiful, functional, and inspiring. Great buildings do not guarantee great ministry—any more than wonderful clothes guarantee a wonderful character. But the physical changes envisioned in our Master Plan complement and enhance the spiritual work God is doing among us.

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Why is VPC conducting a Capital Campaign?

For over 60 years, VPC has been a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives. The people of this congregation have brought the love of Christ to people all over Phoenix through compassionate mission, intelligent classes, insightful preaching and teaching, caring for children, and a commitment to worship and the arts.
But VPC needs a plan and a place for the next 60 years. A New Heart for the Valley Capital Campaign addresses current needs to expand childcare, enhance hospitality, bring worshiping communities together, bless our local mission partners, and create a central area for connection.

What is being done during the capital campaign?

  • The Sanctuary is being remodeled to create a high-quality visual and acoustic environment for all styles of worship.
  • The Fireside Room is being remodeled to be a coffee shop with seating and hospitality space, and will serve as the welcoming hub for the campus.
  • Valley Day School and Children’s Ministry rooms are being expanded and will include a single point of entry and dropoff.
  • The current Choir Room and associated rooms are being remodeled to accommodate VPC’s Student Ministry.
  • The administrative office building is being remodeled to better serve staff and volunteer needs.

Will I be asked to contribute? If so, when?

You will hear about the Capital Campaign through April, and we hope every VPC member and friend will consider making a gift or pledge to the campaign (over and above any Faith Giving) by May 6. Pledges can be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually over three years. We trust that you will seek God’s guidance and grow in faith through giving at whatever level God lays on your heart. Are we giving to mission in this campaign? Yes, absolutely! We want to follow God’s call to be generous to those less fortunate than ourselves. Two of our major mission partners, MentorKids USA and Family Promise, have a vision to expand their ministries to the south of VPC in Scottsdale’s Paiute neighborhood. VPC has a leadership opportunity to make a timely and significant impact in our community.

What if we don’t raise all the money, will the church take on long-term debt? No.

The master plan is flexible and we will only build in correspondence to the amount raised.

What if we raise more than needed?

What great optimistic faith! Such a generous response would allow VPC to implement Phase Two (and possibly Phase Three), give more to mission, and get closer to a fully realized Master Plan!


  • footprint
  • Teen Ministry Section Perspective
  • Traditional Service
  • Breezeway Perspective
  • Contemporary Service
  • Fellowship Plaza
  • Cafe Perspective



Late 2016 

  • Master Plan (MP) development commissioned by VPC Session.
  • MP task force of nine VPC members chosen; led by Jim Unruh.


  • Jones Studio chosen for MP design.
  • Congregational survey and Town Hall meetings held for anyone at VPC.
  • Focus Groups held for specific ministry and stakeholder feedback.
  • October: Session approves MP after presentation, discussion, and revision.
  • December: Several generous gifts totaling $2 million committed.


  • January: Session approves Capital Campaign to raise funds for Phase One.
  • Keith Kerber (ordained Presbyterian minister & professional fundraiser) hired to manage the Capital Campaign.
  • February: Valley Presbyterian Foundation pledges $1 million to campaign • Unruhs and Eatons agree to co-chair Campaign.
  • A New Heart for the Valley Campaign kicks off with Lenten sermon series.
  • March: Campaign Committee and staff make presentations throughout VPC community.
  • Early pledges accepted.
  • April: Presentations & Sermon Series continue past Easter.
  • Final letter asking for commitments sent.
  • May: A New Heart for the Valley Commitment Sunday, May 6.
  • Pledges and commitments tabulated, total announced
  • October-January: Window for anticipated start to construction Master Plan Phase One.



Sanctuary $2,500,000 - $2,800,000

Nursery, Classrooms, and Student Ministry wing $2,500,000 - $3,800,000

Fellowship Plaza and Landscaping $1,650,000 - $1,650,000

Administrative Offices/Memorial Garden/Facilities $1,050,000 - $1,300,000

Mission: MentorKids USA, Family Promise $1,000,000 - $1,000,000

Contingency, Municipal and Architect Fees $2,000,000 - $2,000,000

Total $10,700,000-12,550,000
*Construction elements allow us to adjust spending based on dollars raised.