Dinner for 4, 6, and 8

Get to know your church community better through food, fun,and fellowship!

“Dinner for 4, 6 and 8” is the new expanded version of the Dinner for 8 program that has been an integral part of the life of our church for years.  This new program still centers on people gathering over a meal and developing new friendships whether in a home, a park or a favorite restaurant but it offers a new twist on a great idea with two new alternatives.  The new Dinner format offers 3 alternatives to choose from: Dinner for 8, Dinner for 6, and Dinner for 4 that gives you options for the size of the group you’d prefer to gather with that is open to all.  The Dinner for 8 and 6 groups will meet throughout the year while the Dinner for 4 groups will rotate every three months.  We’re excited to begin these dinner groups that will be an amazing mix of couples and singles, boomers, busters, millennials, Gen-X and the Great Builders Generation.  As always everyone is welcome to be part of a dinner group.  



 "It turns a big church into a small church."
~Jerry Sayre