Do you need a Christian friend to talk to or to discuss a highly confidential matter with? VPC has trained Stephen Ministers who are compassionate and confidential listeners. Hundreds of our members and  visitors have enjoyed the friendship of a Stephen Minister at some point in life. Why not you? The services are free and you can be sure everything you share will be held in strict confidence.

How do I get a Stephen Minister?
Call Karen Annis, 480-510-5385, or Penne McKee, 602-359-9520

What do Stephen Ministers do?
Stephen Ministers are men and women who have been identified by the church as good listeners, grounded in the teachings of the Christian faith, and demonstrated the ability to carefully guard confidences. Stephen Ministers are people who have gone through 40 hours of training in the art of listening, crisis intervention and related topics. Additionally, all Stephen Ministers meet once a month for ongoing training and supervision. Visit the Stephen Ministry website for more information about the national organization.

Stephen Ministers meet one on one with people of their same gender and become mentors, coaches, and supportive friends. Stephen Ministers meet with their care receiver once a week for one hour. They may meet with someone a few times or the relationship may be ongoing for several years. They talk with people at church, at coffee shops, or in homes. 

Ongoing supervision and worldwide connection
Stephen Ministers serve in more than 80 countries, as part of
a worldwide organization that is widely respected by all mainline denominations. They are often called “wounded healers” because all of them have experienced deep personal crises that make them effective in assisting others who are going through rough times. 

Interested in becoming a Stephen Minister? 
Contact Penne McKee, 602-359-9520, or Karen Annis, 480-510-5385.

Already trained as a Stephen Minister? 
Have you been trained as a Stephen Minister in another church and now attend VPC? We readily respect and honor the training people received in other churches.