At Valley Presbyterian Church we believe "marriage is instituted of God, regulated by His commandments, blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, and to be held in honor among all people."

For all weddings performed at our church we require an affiliation with VPC and for one of our pastors to officiate. We also require one of the individuals to be a Christian and ask that the couple has known each other for a minimum of six months, preferably longer. After consultation with the couple, other clergy may be invited by our clergy to participate in the ceremony. If there are special reasons for asking another minister to assist, it must be coordinated with a VPC pastor.

The date and time of your rehearsal and wedding needs to be cleared through the church office, where it will be put on the church master calendar. Weddings should be scheduled at least three months in advance and neither weddings nor rehearsals can be held on Sundays or holidays. 

The officiating pastor will conduct a minimum of two counseling sessions with the bride and groom. This is a time for discussing the meaning of marriage, reviewing the ceremony and understanding the requirements of the church.

For more information, contact our offices, 480-991-6424.


Thanks be to God who gives us the victory over death through our Lord Jesus Christ. - 1 Corinthians 15:57

Our church staff are here to help and support the family and loved ones through this difficult time of grief.  The Christian service is always forward-looking to the hope we have in the life beyond this life for those who love God, but this does not keep us as Christians from remembering what is past with gratitude and forgiveness.  Because this service of celebration is a worship service, we are committed to music, readings, and prayers that reflect our commitment to honor God.

Memorial services are normally held in our Sanctuary or Chapel. During our time of construction our Sanctuary is not available. Memorial services will take place in Landes Center.  We also offer several options for fellowship receptions following the service.  Our Memorial Garden can serve as final resting place for your loved ones.

Please contact Congregational Care and Fellowship for further information. 480-991-6424.



All baptisms require an affiliation with VPC and are typically performed on the third Sunday of the month. For more information, or to schedule a baptism, please contact 480-991-6424.

quilting ministry

The baptism of our children is an important part of the life of our church. Blessing them as well as their parents throughout the quilting ministry has touched the lives of many. In order to continue this important ministry, we need you. We need volunteers that are willing to share their TIME and TALENT by making the quilts we share with our families. The church can provide the TREASURE (sponsor) for the supplies.

Unfortunately, at this point we have to discontinue the gift of presenting quilts until we have more people involved in making quilts.