COVID-19 Updates

Worship Update

The following video provides an update about VPC's plans to return to worship, and what we will be doing to ensure the health and safety of our congregation.


*In-Person worship is postponed. 

Preparations are ready for in-person worship, but Governor Ducey has not moved Arizona into Phase 2. Therefore, VPC will not be moving to in-person worship on Sunday, June 14, as we had anticipated. We are eager to be able to gather in the Sanctuary together soon, but putting the health and safety of our community is our first priority. 

However, there are exciting changes happening with worship this week! 

VPC will begin live-streaming two worship services at 8:30 and 10:30AM. Livestreaming is a bit different than worship experiences from that past few months. Here's what you should know:

  • An email will be sent on Sunday morning with a link to the services. The broadcast for the service will begin a few minutes before 8:30 and 10:30AM. 
  • The services begin at 8:30AM and 10:30AM. 
  • Since March 22, worship was prerecorded and could be started at any time. However, starting this week, if you begin watching at 8:45AM, for example, you will see what is happening at the services at 8:45AM.
  • Worship will be live-streamed to YouTube, Facebook, and 
Updated: 06-10-2020

VPC is committed to providing the safest and healthiest environment for all events, classes, and services on campus. Due to the rapidly changing way organizations need to respond to the COVID-19 virus, the schedule for all VPC opportunities will be in a state of flux for the coming weeks. 

We appreciate your patience as we navigate through these unprecedented moments. Please refer back to this site often for updates. 

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recommendations from the city of scottsdale

Please visit the City of Scottsdale webpage for the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 and resources for those in need. 


stay at home survival tips

Connect with nature. With our options limited right now, here are some creative options: Open the windows; take care of your plants; watch a nature documentary; listen to a nature soundtrack. 

Get your body moving. Getting yourself moving can be helpful in discharging that restless energy. Find a free online workout! 

Carve out some quiet time. Sometimes our "cabin fever" actually stems from being overstimulated or overwhelmed, particularly if we're cooped up with other people. Finding a way to access some quiet time and solitude can be especially helpful if that's the case. use noise-cancelling headphones; take a shower or bath; try doing yoga. 

Redecorate and/or rearrange your space. Don't underestimate what a few simple changes can do to make your space feel more habitable. Declutter; keep it tidy; rearrange to keep it fresh. 

Transport yourself someplace else. Read a fantasy book, watch a travel video, and let your imagination go. 

Remember this applies to adults and kids alike!  Doing your part to "flatten the curve," while uncomfortable at times, is the best defense we have at slowing down exposure. You're doing the right thing, so hang in there. 

Update 04/06/2020