alpha course

Wednesdays, September 12 - November 14 (No class October 31)
6-8PM, Room 415/416, Childcare by reservation (Register below)
Cost: Free

Over 29,000,000 people around the world have gone through Alpha in the last 30 years! For believers, this is an exciting time of renewing and deepening your understanding of core Christian doctrines. For seekers, this is a comfortable and safe place to learn more about Christianity and ask questions. The evening includes a meal, a DVD lesson, and small group time to discuss the evening's topic. Join us and bring a friend!




Wednesdays, September 12 - October 24
6-7:30PM, Room 104, Childcare by reservation (Register below) 
Cost: $30 a couple

Enjoy a private meal at a table for two and invest in your relationship. You will find suggestions for practical support, strong foundations and effective communication skills.


Discerning your spiritual dna with tim smith

Lecturer: Tim Smith, Executive Director of Water from Rock
Wednesdays, September 19 - November 14 (No class October 31)
6-7PM, Chapel, Childcare by reservation (Register below) 
Cost: Free

This course explores how we nurture and grow our relationship with God, self, and others, with emphasis on discerning our spiritual DNA and the unique way God created each of us to know and worship Him. Jesus doesn't clone anyone! We will look at different stages of the spiritual journey and the spiritual practices best suited for each person and the stage of their journey. Time will also be given to looking at the historic Reformed understanding of Christian spirituality.


holy yoga

Instructor: Jennifer Cecil
Wednesdays, September 12 - November 14 (no class on October 31)

6-8PM, Room 409, Childcare by reservation (Register below)
Cost: $5 per class

Holy Yoga is a type of yoga practice that combines stretching and movement with worshipful moments and prayer. All levels are welcome, no yoga experience necessary. Bring a yoga mat and a friend!


advent study: The four gospels

Facilitator: Rev. Kelly Nieto
Wednesdays, November 28 - December 19

6-7PM, Room 409, Childcare by reservation (Register below)
Cost: Free

The four gospels are the "good news" of who Jesus is and what Jesus has done for us! As we celebrate Christ's birth this Advent season, we will look closely at each gospel: the tone, focus, audience, and significant moments in Jesus' life.



Fall classes

September 25-October 25
Class Info Call (Recorded Line): 480-991-6424 ext. 105
Walk-Ins and all ages are welcome!
No childcare available

speed Spanish I

Tuesday/Thursday, 9:30-11AM, Room 412, MAX: 15
Cost: $70 Paid to Instructor Cathy Baldwin

In this beginner-level course, students will learn to speak Spanish in full sentences plus learn phrases and vocabulary for traveling and ordering food in a restaurant.


tai chi balance & stress prevention

Tuesday/Thursday, 11:15AM-12:15PM, Room 415/416, MAX: 30
Cost: $69 Paid to Instructor Rev. Deanne Hodgson

Classes are designed to meet the needs of the individual plus improved and beneficial awareness of both balance and posture



Tuesday/Thursday, 1-2:30pm, Room 412, MAX: 15
Cost: $70 Paid to Instructor Cathy Baldwin

Prerequisite, Speed Spanish or any beginning or intermediate level Spanish course.
In this intermediate level course, students will use conversational Spanish while learning to understand Spanish spoken by fluent Spanish speakers.


basic Floral arranging: October 2
napkin folding: October 9
wreath & garland making: October 16

Tuesday, 2:45-4PM, Room 409, MAX: 10, FREE
Instructor: Bob duPuis

One-day demonstrations to learn how to make traditional floral arrangements, hands-on learning for creating over fifteen festive napkin folds; and discover how to create beautiful garlands and wreaths with decorative embellishments.



Tuesday, 6-7:30PM, Calvin Center
Wednesday, 9:30-10:50AM, Room 415/416, FREE (same class offered on two days)
Instructor: Art Humble

Learn how Vladimir Putin, the Oligarchs and the Russian State were shaped by History, Geography, and Economics. What was behind Russia's conflicts in Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia, and Syria? Similar to classes offered by Encore University but with significant updates



Wednesday, 11-11:50AM, Chapel, FREE
Instructor: Rev. Kelly Nieto

The book of Judges tells the story of strange moments and strange stories for these strangers (Israelites) in a strange land. How do these moments speak to us today? Join us as we study the book of Judges to find out.



Wednesday, 2-3:20PM, Room 414,  FREE
Instructor: Kiki Swanson

Record your life story, one event or memory at a time, in 600-800 words. We are the wisdom-keepers of our generations!


Mah jongg

Tuesday, 9AM-12PM,  FREE
Instructor: Heidi Thomas

Please contact our administrative office for more information.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a service offering thousands of Christian video sessions for you to access anytime, anywhere.

RightNow Media has Bible teaching and practical content for adults, youth, and children. There are studies by respected pastors and teachers, original RightNow videos, and recordings of Christian conferences. Best of all, you can view these videos from your computer, tablet, or even your phone! Videos can be accessed by individual members and their families or streamed by Community Groups or Bible studies.

We're excited about the ways you can use this resource to grow in your faith. Email Kelly to get started!