Deacon Ministries

Deacon Ministries are run by the Deacons of the church, who are nominated and chosen to serve three-year terms. They provide vital services to church members and our community. Deacon ministries are always in need of volunteers. VPC has over a dozen Deacon teams, learn more about them below or contact Tammy Milne:


Sunday, March 1, all worship services

Take time on this special Sunday to learn more about the Deacons and say 'thank you' to the many men and women who serve faithfully and quietly behind the scenes. The Deacons have a ministry of service and will serve Communion at all services.

First Impressions Hospitality Ministry
David Turner, Chair
Members of our church are trained to be an on-campus welcoming presence and assist visitors and members by helping them find the services they are seeking, as well as answer questions or direct them to additional resources. 

Baby Welcome
Kay Randolph, Chair
A small group of Deacons make contact with new VPC parents after they have a baby. They deliver a basket of small gifts and provide the family with information on baptism, the nursery, and MOPS programs. 

After Care
Mark & Tish Delahanty, Co-Chairs
Provides follow up contact for people released from hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. They offer information to connect the care receiver to additional ministries. 

Care Packages
Todd Gilbreath, Chair
Members of this team send care packages for college students and active military personnel periodically through the year to express our love to our members who are temporarily away from home. Items include food, inspirational mementos, and a message from the pastors. 

Communion Preparation
Bob Combs & Margaret Tucker, Co-Chairs
An energetic group meets the first Saturday of every month to prepare the communion elements used for the next day's worship services. They make sure that each of our worship centers is perfectly ordered for the joyous and holy partaking of the Lord's Supper. The team is also responsible for preparing the elements to be disseminated by the At-Home communion visitation teams three times a year. 

Deacon Fund
Mark Fullerton, Chair
This team oversees the distribution of funds that have been generously donated to do work of the ministries of the Deacons. Funds are used to bring encouragement to the sick and lonely, support those in need, provide a comforting friend in a time of loss, and a witness to the hope we have in Christ. 

Flower Donation and Distribution 
Monica Ek, Chair
We have a group of creative and compassionate people who oversee flower donation for Sunday services. This team also breaks down flowers into smaller bouquets and coordinates delivery to our hospitalized or at-home friends later that day. If you are interested in donating flowers in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a life event, just let us know!


Health & Wellness Ministry
David Turner, Chair
Members of the Health & Wellness Ministry work in conjunction with community resources in providing health and wellness related on-campus screenings, immunizations programs, and training for the VPC community throughout the year.

Home Visitation Ministry  
Pastor David Turner, Chair
Regularly visits members of our community who are unable to attend church services and serves communion to these members three times each year.

Lay Hospital Chaplain  
Mary Ann Winter, Chair
These individuals who are trained in the area of pastoral care make daily visits to members of the church who are hospitalized or in rehabilitation or recovery centers. 

Memorial Receptions 
Diane Coulter, Chair
This team of volunteers prepares and hosts the memorial receptions at the church. They make arrangements for the reception space, adequate cookie supplies and enlists the volunteers to host the event. 

Staff Appreciation 
Stephanie DeHaven & Jeff Fassett, Co-Chairs
An innovative team of Deacons blesses staff members by holding a luncheon in the honor of the Church staff and Valley Day School staff three times a year, as well as providing a little gift for each staff member to celebrate their birthday or ministry milestone. 


Tasty Spoon Ministry 
Rowena McAllister, Chair
This team galvanizes congregational members to cook a meal for someone who is homebound, sick, recently released from the hospital or had a baby. They also contact the individual to ensure they know diet restrictions and deliver hot/freshly prepared meals. 

Telephone Hospitality Ministry 
Polly Turpin, Chair
This team recruits volunteers to staff the switchboard at the main reception desk on Sunday mornings from 10-11AM. They train the volunteers to use the church phone and provide them with information that might be helpful when people approach with questions. 

After Care Ministry
Karen Harrison, Chair
Provides follow up contact for people released from hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. They offer information to connect the care receiver to additional ministries.