Deacon Sunday 

Come celebrate the Ministry of the Deacons on Sunday, March 4, all services.

Have you ever wondered what the Deacons do? Our ministry is one of compassion that focuses on visiting the sick, providing food to the hungry, encouraging those in life transitions, caring for the bereaved, and bringing a smile to the faces of those who are lonely. The ministry of the Deacons dates back to the first century church and is integral to the life of any healthy church that reflects Christ.

We hope that you will circle your calendar for Deacon’s Sunday March 4, as you will see a slide presentation “A Day in the Life of a Deacon” as well being greeted and served communion by our Deacons at all four worship services.

Our Deacon’s Ministry is one that truly allows us to live out our faith in very tangible ways and what makes this ministry great are the amazing people who have dedicated their time and energy to serve in it. But this ministry is not simply for a select few who are called “deacons”… you can join in this ministry by signing up at the Deacon table after worship or help to support the ministry financially by contributing your gift to the Deacon Fund.


Deacon Ministries

Deacon Ministries are run by the Deacons of the church, who are nominated and chosen to serve three-year terms. They provide vital services to church members and our community. Deacon ministries are always in need of volunteers. VPC has over a dozen Deacon teams, learn more about them below or contact Tammy Milne:


Baby Welcome
Tiffany Pondelik, Chair
Contacts new parents and arranges meals and support.

Care Packages
Rowena McAllister, Chair
Makes and sends care packages to students and veterans.

Communion Preparation
Andrea Green, Chair
Prepares communion elements for Sunday worship services.

Deacon Fund
John Lee, Chair
Disburses funds to support the ministries of the Deacons  as well as help support those in our church and surrounding community in temporary financial crisis.

Flower Donation and Distribution 
Don Heck & Stephan Sciacca, Co-chairs
Coordinates flowers for services to honor loved ones and c
onverts Sunday's flowers into smaller arrangements for delivery to sick and at-home members.


Home Support Ministry 
Mark Nesvig, Chair
Fixes small "honey-do" items in members' homes as well as coordinates 9AM worship transportation.

Home Visitation Ministry  
Pastor David Turner, Chair
Regularly visits members of our community who are unable to attend church services and serves communion to these members three times each year.

Lay Hospital Chaplain  
Mary Ann Winter, Chair
Makes daily visits to members who are hospitalized, in rehab clinics or Hospice care.

Memorial Receptions 
Diane Coulter, Chair
Prepares and hosts memorial receptions at the church.

Staff Appreciation 
Jennifer Dean, Chair
Blesses staff with luncheons, cards, flowers, and tokens of appreciation throughout the year.

Tasty Spoon Ministry 
Lou Ann Hillman, Chair
Makes meals for sick or at-home members.

Telephone Hospitality Ministry 
Betty Heenan, Chair
Acts as a receptionist at the main desk on Sundays.

After Care Ministry
Karen Harrison, Chair
Provides follow up care for those released from the hospital or rehab clinics as well those grieving the loss of a loved one.