Alpha Course*

Wednesdays, January 24-March 21
6–8PM, Calvin Center, Free, Facilitators: Kelly & Mike Nieto
Childcare available by reservation. Childcare email:

The Alpha Course is a comfortable and safe place to learn more about Christianity and ask questions in a pressure-free, casual environment. Each session includes a meal, a DVD lesson, and discussion. Register:kellyn@vpc.church



Classing Starting in February

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me: Preparing Your Heart for Lent*

Soup & Study, Wednesdays, February 21-March 21
6:30PM-7:30PM, Fireside, Free
Facilitators: Beth & Ed Glady

In Matthew 16:24, Jesus tells his disciples (and us) those who want to be His disciples must deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow Him. We will examine and seek to apply what Jesus is saying (and not saying) in this statement of purpose as we travel through Lent to the foot of the cross Christ picked up. Delicious homemade soup and salad will be served every night of class free of charge. Please join us on a journey that will be challenging – but rewarding – as we strive to be the disciples Christ seeks for his holy purposes.


Classing Starting in April

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Study

Wednesdays, April 4- May 9
6:30PM-7:30PM, Calvin Center, Free
Facilitator: Dr. Grayson Carter

As Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power in Germany, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and several other German pastors bravely challenged the new regime. Pastor Bonhoeffer also wrote several theological works on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, ultimately giving his life for making the choice to dangerously live out these convictions.


Parenting the love and logic way

Wednesdays, April 4- May 9
6:30PM-7:30PM, Fireside Room, Cost: $40 for workbook
Facilitator: Larry Kerby

Parenting the Love and Logic Way* Wednesdays, April 4-May 9, 6:30-7:30PM Fireside Room, Cost: $40 for workbook Facilitator: Larry Kerby Registration & childcare: vpc.church/classes The ability to discipline children while developing their understanding of personal responsibility and self-control is a key element of successful parenting. This class will teach you how to help your children take ownership of problems, make responsible choices, and see the logical consequences of their actions!


RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a service offering thousands of Christian video sessions for you to access anytime, anywhere.

RightNow Media has Bible teaching and practical content for adults, youth, and children. There are studies by respected pastors and teachers, original RightNow videos, and recordings of Christian conferences. Best of all, you can view these videos from your computer, tablet, or even your phone! Videos can be accessed by individual members and their families or streamed by Community Groups or Bible studies.

We're excited about the ways you can use this resource to grow in your faith. Email Kelly to get started!