Local Mission  

Family Promise 

Transforming lives of homeless families

Family Promise Works to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence. Throughout the year we host families on VPC's campus and offer volunteers the opportunity to prepare and share in meals and fellowship. 

MentorKids USA  


MentorKids 2016 from Move Media on Vimeo.

MentorKids USA is a Christian ministry that recruits, trains and supports mentors who empower young people facing tough life challenges to reach their God-given potential and become transformative members of their families and communities in the name of Jesus Christ.

We meet at the church every Monday at 3PM, drive the church van down, and are back by 5PM. The program is located at First Pentecostal Church Community Center, 2709 E Marguerite Ave, in Phoenix. See you there! If you can help, contact Chris Woodard

ICM Food Bank

Volunteer teams help sort clothes, stack pantry shelves or greet clients at ICM Food and Clothing Bank. Weekly carpool. Contact Chris Woodard to volunteer. 


The Spring

The Spring is a Christian church community in Tempe near ASU that strives to help people of the area develop stronger ties to Christ, their community and the world. Many members are under 40. The Spring meets on Sundays at 5PM for worship in a style similar to Valley’s Sunday morning contemporary service. After the service, members share a free community meal. Volunteers from VPC cook and serve dinner at The Spring several times throughout the year, provided mostly by members and friends of the VPC Mission Committee. 

Contact Ed or Beth Glady for information or if you’d like to serve.


National Mission

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is designed to help those in time of disasters. You can give contributions to the PDA fund to provide disaster relief refugee assistance, education for illiteracy and hunger projects. For more information or to contribute, contact church@vpc.church or 480-991-6424.


Ministry to the Navajo Reservation

The Native American Ministry provides the opportunity to experience a short-term mission trip working with our brothers and sisters in Christ on the Navajo Reservation. Together we build relationships and understanding. Work groups help renovate facilities, lead vacation bible school-type programs and participate in community life. Contact Beth Allen for more information. 


International Mission


VPC and the Cities of Scottsdale and PV will host ScottsdalePV4Africa a festival with music, food, fun runs, bike rides, and other activities. All proceeds will support Ministry of Hope and Villages in Partnership in Malawi.

Ministry of Hope: Mission to Malawi

In 1999 Malawians established the Ministry of Hope (MOH) as a local, community-based response to meet physical and spiritual needs of orphaned and vulnerable children. Using crisis nurseries, community centers, scholarships, and mobile medical clinic programs, Malawi fights for its existence. VPC has helped provide support to thousands of orphaned children and widows in the 11 years since the MOH opened. 

Home building in Malawi



Some powerful moments in Jesus’ ministry occur when He was diverted from his mission. In Matthew 9, Jesus paused on his way to a sick girl to care for a woman suffering from hemorrhages. These lateral missions in Jesus’ ministry speak to the heart of God; He cares for all people. The Malawi 2017 trip was a fusion of the mission we were sent for and openness to the leading of the Spirit. The team was able to complete all of our commissioned tasks; we visited the future secondary school site with Villages in Partnership (ViP) and met families from surrounding villages that will be attending the school. The team also met with Ministry of Hope (MoH), conducted a mobile medical clinic, visited families, sponsored a youth summit, and participated in feeding over 500 orphans. However, God was not finished with the team... During our travels we met Ruth, a widow from the village of Mvuwa. Ruth was taking care of her three children and had also opened her home for two orphans. Her house was falling apart. The team partnered with MoH and people from Mvuwa to build her an entirely new home. These ministry moments demonstrate the depth of our God’s loving ability to transform lives. Thank you, VPC, for your support locally, nationally, and internationally to show the world God’s love. -Chris Woodard