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Broken and the Blessed Week 6, Day1

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DAY 36

“Blessed are the pure in heart.” Matthew 5:8a

 The heart, in scripture, is the center of the human person. The Hebrew word is “leb” and the Greek is “kardia,” from which we get our English terms like “cardiac” and “cardiologist.” Both the Hebrew and Greek terms refer to the part of us that feels, wills, and thinks. These three inner activities shape our personality and our identity through our thoughts, deeds, and emotions. To be pure in heart is to have clarity at the center of your feeling, doing, and thinking.



Which do you find hardest to control—your feelings, thoughts, or actions?

 How clear are you at the center?



Think of a time today when your emotions got the better of you.

What were you thinking and doing at that moment?



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Broken and the Bleesed Week 5, Day 7

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DAY 35

LUKE 18:9-14

 Forgiveness received and given lights our steps and releases the burdens others carry. It allows for new beginnings, it encourages honesty, and it frees us from the complications that come with denial and self-justification. It also eliminates the jealousy, bitterness, and anger that can poison our hearts and hurt our health, both spiritual and physical. The first four beatitudes, including knowing your need of God, holy mourning, gentle use of power, and exercising rightful desires for goodness, will help us to be merciful. The first four “need beatitudes” prepare us for the next four “help beatitudes.”

 When has bitterness clouded your attitudes?

 When has forgiveness given you a fresh start?



When was the last time you said sorry to someone in the family?

How did they react?








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