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Connected Together for Tomorrow: Day 7

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Dream a little with me. If we extended our care into the community in a new way, what would we do? Which problems do you see in our community that call to your soul? What are the greatest needs when it comes to emotional, psychological, and spiritual care?

Perhaps we should address the epidemic of depression, which blights the lives of so many, reducing their capacity for connection and their energy for faith and life. Perhaps we should target anxiety, the plague that freezes people, stopping them from engaging life’s adventures and challenges. Maybe we should reach out to those with mental disorders or addictions, so often misunderstood and stigmatized.

What do you think?

Family Focus - Put your names in a hat and have everyone draw a name. Write that person an encouraging note and hide it somewhere in the house. Parents, help smaller ones with the writing. Wait and see when the note will be found!

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Connected Together for Tomorrow: Day 6

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Acknowledging our own needs takes courage and humility. It feels nobler to pretend to ourselves and others that all is well; after all, burdening someone with my problems seems like a weakness, and a selfish one at that. Why not just gather my own strength and carry on? Yet, it is only when we are honest about our own needs that we can experience support! Only then can we be prayed for. A burden shunned is a burden lightened.

Paul was a person of immense capacity—intellectual, physical, and spiritual. Clearly a genius, he endured boat wrecks, beatings, persecution, failure. Yet, he was public about his ongoing emotional and relational and even financial  needs. He elicited support and care by being emotionally transparent. Though we are left to guess what his “thorn in the flesh” actually was, we knew he wrote clearly and publicly about his weakness and struggle.


How transparent are you?

Do you have strong emotional and spiritual support?

Family Focus - Have everyone share someone they are currently praying for who needs love and support. Do a circle prayer, where everyone names the person they are concerned about.

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