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Leading With a Disciplined Heart: Day 5

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“Now during those days he went to the mountain to pray and he spent the night in prayer with God.”

                                                                              ~ Luke 6:12


I believe strongly in the intercessory prayer. But in one sense, no one else can pray for you! Because nothing can substitute for your own intimate times with God. The adrenaline of the gym can’t replace those times, neither can the stimulation of the classroom, the drama of the boardroom, or the thrill of the hunt. Under the pressures of His ministry, beset by crowds with their demands, disciples with their questions, and leaders with their challenges—Jesus did not sacrifice His moments of quiet and devotion. Here, in our lesson, we see Him increasing those times.


How intimate is your prayer life?

Do you look forward to times with God?

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Leading With a Disciplined Heart: Day 4

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LUKE 4:42-44

I am not self-disciplined by nature. My problem is not idleness per se, though I have my lazy moments. My issue is distractibility. For 21st Century people, distractibility may be more dangerous than plain old laziness. For as a whole, Americans do work a significant number of hours. Yet for some of us, our hours can be unfocused. We major in the minors, we allow things of secondary importance to occupy much of our time and attention.

Jesus healed and helped, but never at the expense of teaching. He befriended strangers but not at the cost of empowering his disciples. He traveled into Gentile territory, but didn’t lose his focus on Jerusalem. The Greek word “dei” translated “must” underlines the way for Jesus, the urgent did not overwhelm the important.


Are you distractible?

What typically distracts you?

Avoid one of your cardinal distractions today.

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