Pastor Joynt's Devotionals

Day 43: Purpose

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JOHN 16:1-4, 7-11

Jesus wants to encounter us and bestow a powerful purpose into our lives, as we saw last week. We can act in Jesus’ name, and as we do we can glorify God. But this task will not be without obstacles and troubles. Representing truth in a confused world can be a testing, and even deadly, business. The disciples would be rejected by their Jewish brothers and sisters, and their very faithfulness will create the opposition.

This passage is a warning that we cannot always expect a fair or warm reception as followers of Jesus. The world is mixed up about “sin and righteousness and judgement.” The moral and spiritual compass of human beings, without God, is a false guide.

Have you ever thought of truth causing opposition?

Have you ever been rejected because of faithfulness?

Day 42: Purpose

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JOHN 14:15-17

What do you pray for? The greatest gift God gives us through Christ is the Holy Spirit. Our most earnest daily prayer should be “Fill me with your Spirit, Lord!”

Do you need an Advocate? Do you need a Helper? Would you like an Encourager? How about a wise and wonderful Counselor? A personal Tutor in truth? A Guide amid life’s complexity? A Source of power and energy and inspiration? All these words are ways to render Jesus’ name for the Spirit, the parakletos. Every Christian needs a Pentecost.

Pray for the spirit to fill every nook and cranny of your heart.

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