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Connected Together for Tomorrow: Day 1

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MATTHEW 6:25-30

Closer Caring | Church Challenge Six

One of scriptures’ most beautiful doctrines is the idea that God knows us. One of my favorite songs is “His Eye Is on the Sparrow,” which my father used to sing in his rich bass. Drawing on Jesus’ comments about his Father’s care, which extended to the grass of the field arrayed in casual flowering splendor, and the tiny birds scavenging on Galilean beaches. How much more does God know and care for us, the crown of his creation, made in His image?

He knows our ups and downs, grasps the emotional struggles that accompany life’s vagaries—His eye is always on us, and His heart in tune with us. Where are our eyes? Do we see the struggles and triumphs of those around us? Are we in tune with their needs?

Do you sense God’s awareness of your emotions and feelings?

How aware are you of others?  How tuned in to their inner, emotional landscapes are you?

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Serving Together for Tomorrow: Day 7

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MATTHEW 18:1-7

One possibility for increased local mission focus is MentorKids. MentorKids has two promise neighborhoods in which VPC is involved. In South Phoenix and Palomino, we are helping with tutoring and resources for the work with elementary-age kids. MentorKids is expanding its efforts in three ways: by working with more children at existing locations; by working with more ages, including middle and high school; and by looking for a third site to consider. This third location may be close to VPC.

Their stable track record, Jesus-centered mission, 100% family participation, and excellent leadership are strong reasons to help MentorKids move forward. Their former director, Chuck Westerlund, is a member at VPC and so is their new one, Aaron Parrot. Their founder, Orv Krieger,  was also a member.

Pray for the Session as they establish our ongoing mission priorities.

Notice Jesus teaching on children.

What do you think our local priority should be?

Family Focus: Pray together for VPC. Ask God to help us know who we should serve and how we should do it.

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