Pastor Joynt's Devotionals

Day 46: Understanding

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JOHN 16:14

One of the great debates in church history is about the role of the Holy Spirit. Some believers are so fearful of honoring the Spirit’s present tense power, lest previous traditions and doctrines are swept away by fresh new ideas that may downplay the Spirit’s role. Some followers are so intent on having spiritual experiences in the form of visions, words of knowledge, and ecstatic moments, that they untether their faith from scripture. Jesus teaches that the Spirit’s work is always in alignment with, and rooted in, His words. The Spirit does not “speak on His own.” This is reassuring—new revelations never outruns or contradicts scripture. But notice this is also descriptive, Jesus continues to speak through the Spirit, which still animates and empowers the current church as it did the early church.

What have you been taught about the Holy Spirit?

Is it unknown or familiar territory for you?

Day 45: Understanding

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JOHN 16:13

The Spirit meets us in our limitations and “guides us into all truth,” declaring the “things that are to come.”  One consistent limitation in our understanding is our very limited grasp of the future. If you doubt this, just consider how difficult it is to get agreement about the past where there is lots of evidence. Our lack of knowledge about the future can be confusing in the present. The persecution Jesus warned his disciples about in the Final Discourses, and elsewhere in the gospels, is an example. Persecution is difficult and destructive, and after the fall of Jerusalem in A.D., it must have seemed to the first generation of disciples like the end of the world. Rejected by the Jewish authorities they were scattered by the Roman oppressors. What they could not see in the future was that this disaster and their dispersion would spread the Jesus movement all over the Mediterranean and beyond.  

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