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Relating Together for Tomorrow: Day 3

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ACTS 2:17b

Church Challenge: Richer Relationships

One of the great advantages the church has is its inter-generational character. Segmenting people exclusively by age and generation underplays individual uniqueness. It also robs us of the different angles of vision that come with life’s stages. Without our seniors, we miss the insight that comes from sustaining faith and character through time and fashion. Without our middle-lifers, we lose the viewpoint of those who connect the old and young, carrying responsibility in vocation and family life. Without our young adults, we miss the innovation of rising generations and the critical optimism of fresh experience. Without our children, we miss the energy, frankness, and discovery that should infuse all our life moments. We are meant to be together in rich ways across generations.

Who is your oldest and youngest friend? 

What do you love about them?

Family Focus: Share pictures of the oldest and youngest members of your extended family.  Talk about church as an extended family.


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Relating Together for Tomorrow: Day 2

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ACTS 1:14; 2:17

Church Challenge: Richer Relationships

As 21st century people, we could miss the revolutionary character of these sentences. The early church, including early church leadership, was not a male only preserve. Remarkably for the 1st century, men and women were involved together. The twelve are mentioned by name in Chapter One, along with Mary, Jesus’ mother, and “certain other women.” After the Spirit is given to the Church, Peter interprets the gift as a fulfillment of the prophet Joel’s vision of the new age when “sons and daughters” would prophesy.

We are blessed at VPC with great female leaders, ordained and lay, and wonderful ministries for women to build relationships and deploy their gifts in God’s service.

Pray a prayer of thanks for our great female leaders, for our Presbyterian Women, and all our women’s ministries.

Family Focus: Talk to your children about what It means to be a guy or a gal. What do they think is the same? What is different?

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