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Leading With a Committed Heart: Day 7

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ECCLESIASTES 1:1-18; 2:18-23

What is the alternative to the committed heart? The deluded heart. The episodic heart. The vacillating heart. The dilettante heart. Unless we are committed to Holy things, we will jump from cause to cause, momentarily excited and eventually disappointed. We will be blown from enthusiasm to enthusiasm like a rudderless sailboat, not reaching any destinations that satisfy us.

In the end, the alternative to being someone with a heart committed to God’s values is the Solomon Syndrome. He succeeded at things that did not satisfy and invested in things that didn’t seem, finally, worthwhile. The alternative to the committed heart is a heart full of regret.


How many regrets can you find in this passage?

Have you ever felt life to be “vanity” and “chasing after the wind?”

Leading With a Committed Heart: Day 6

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EXODUS 16:1-3
LUKE 4:16-30; 23:35-36

Know that your committed heart will not remain an untested heart. You will be tested by unpopularity, as Moses was when Israel began to complain in the desert. You will be tested by failure, as Sarah and Abraham were when the pregnancy tests were negative every time. You’ll be tested by criticism and opposition, as Jesus was from his first sermon all the way through his last words on the cross. A committed heart is always tested, and the measure of commitment is the determination to meet and pass the tests.


How are you being tested today?

Ask God for a persevering heart.

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