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Leading With a Growing Heart: Day 2

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MATTHEW 5:6, 6:11

God wants to give us a fresh bread that we can share. Christian followers were not meant to live simply by remembering yesterday’s inspiration. Christian leaders cannot share what they have not experienced. So you and I must be hungry for new wisdom, new grace, new direction. Repeating what we have done and said previously is simple and easy but not God’s will for us. Jesus’ followers were disciples, and this means learners—perpetual learners.

How fresh is your bread?
With whom are you sharing it?

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Leading With a Growing Heart: Day 1

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2 PETER 3:17-18

Beware the plateau. It is so easy to finish before you are done, to stop searching and developing and deepening your understanding and your character. Like a biker that builds momentum and stops pedaling, you begin to ease through your moments and days. Your legs stop pumping and your heart rate drops. Instead of straining forward, you ease back and coast.

A professor who never adds to his old lecture notes, a husband or wife that never asks their partner a new question, a doctor that never learns a new technique, a church leader that never embraces an unfamiliar challenge, what do they have in common? They’ve all stopped growing.

Are you climbing or plateauing?
What is your strategy for spiritual growth?

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