Our Inquirer Class is for those who want to join VPC or learn more about our church and the rich history of the Presbyterian faith.

Sunday, October 29, 12:30PM, Fireside Room

Participants will:

  • Meet our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. David Joynt
  • Learn about our church
  • Ask questions about our faith

New members will be introduced to our congregation the Sunday following the Inquirer class at the 9AM and 10:30AM services. Any questions? Contact class coordinator Jane Russell at 480-694-1186. 


Registration Form

Inquirer Class Registration

Please fill out this form to complete the registration process. (Except for your name and contact information, you may leave blank any questions that do not apply.) 



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I Desire to Unite with VPC by:

1) Profession of Faith: You have never been baptized.

2) Reaffirmation of Faith: You were baptized and/or were a member of a church, but are now inactive. *

3) Certificate of Transfer: You were baptized and are an active member of another church. *

4) Affiliation: You are an active member of another church, but a temporary resident in this community (i.e. winter resident, military, student). *

Note: If you have more than three children please email the additional information to Jane Russel

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