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Gentle Flow Christian Yoga

Gentle Flow Christian Yoga
Every Wednesday, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Cost: $10.00

Join us virtually via Zoom for rejuvenating worshipful stretches and poses that are centered on Jesus Christ. Enjoy awesome Christian music, prayer, and a devotional, too! These classes, presented by Glory Christian Yoga, provide stress relief, flexibility, increased strength, better breathing, pain relief, and improved circulation. 45-minute classes followed by 15 minutes of optional fellowship time.  Our instructor, Mary Beth Senechal, says, “Glory Christian Yoga”  class  is a gentle flow, Christ-centered class."  You will leave class feeling refreshed, relaxed, and revived!

Description of a typical “Glory Christian Yoga” Class:

  • Classes always start and end with a resting pose so that we can truly focus our minds on Christ.
  • Bible verse, meditation, prayer, and intentional use of the breath are all an important part of our Christ-centered yoga.
  • We warm up the body first with wonderful stretches and then move into our deeper poses as the music and the sweat increase.
  • We always include a balancing pose or two with our practice as well as core, thigh, and spine strengtheners.
  • We finish again with stretching, resting pose, meditation, prayers.

Yoga flow class ("Glory Christian Yoga") - Wednesdays 5pm (45 min class followed by 15 min of open fellowship time for anyone that would like to stay online), starting October 7. 

Cost (each pass is for household/not individual):

  • Gentle Flow Yoga passes are $10 for a single class, or $35 for a 4-pack


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