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Leading With a Committed Heart: Day 4

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There are commitment killers. We need to identify and watch out for them. Some are conceptual, some are habitual, some are emotional. The idea that life should be an easy, uncontroversial stroll is a commitment killer, for when opposition comes, panic sets in.

This is what we are training our college students for when we allow them to suppress dissent and prevent contrary views from being aired. The concept that success is a final destination that ends all effort, must be resisted or it will prevent our small successes becoming platforms for larger ones. The habit of negative thinking, of giving up too easily because failure looms, must be broken and dispatched without mercy. But even more dangerous than conceptual and habitual killers are the emotional ones—the people who lack faith and hope and spread discouragement.


What commitment killers do you deal with?

How are you resisting them?

Notice how powerful discouragement was in the story of Israel and the land.

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Leading With a Committed Heart: Day 3

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MATTHEW 13:31-34

The implication of yesterday’s devotional is that we must not be sentimental about how we invest our resources. Instead, every church and every member must adopt a critical Kingdom realism about what they choose to invest in. At VPC, we must be realistic and critical about mission partnerships, testing them for fidelity and effectiveness. Within VPC, each of us must also be critical of VPC—our church must earn your investment through work that draws and makes disciples, and mission that addresses hard problems with actual solutions.


Do you have a “critical realism” about your investments?

What can VPC do to better earn your investment?

Pray that our church will grow like a mustard seed.

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