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Connected Together for Tomorrow: Day 5

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JOHN 11:28-36

Caring for others can be exhausting. One of the reasons we sometimes shy away from others’ needs is self-preservation. Compassion extended towards the broken requires from us a deep well of grace.

Fortunately for us, God’s “compassions they fail not.” His mercy is profound, and His concern is intense. Unlike us, He does not run out of emotional energy.

Notice the depth of Jesus’ concern for Lazarus and for those who grieved him. The phrase describing His feelings means that He was “torn up” on the inside. He wants to fill us with His compassion, whether we are comforting someone in a loss or encouraging them in a challenge.

What tears you up?

Have you ever felt filled by God’s compassion?

Family Focus - If you have irrigation for any of your yard or garden, show your children how it works. Explain that God wants to shower us with His compassion so we can grow in caring.

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Connected Together for Tomorrow: Day 4

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MATTHEW 25:31-40

Mother Theresa became Saint Theresa just a few weeks ago. Her sisters of mercy were known not just for what they did, but for how they did it. They cared for the sick and dying, the diseased and the leprous, on the streets of Calcutta. But they treated each person as a precious child of God, with dignity and with a tender regard. Seeing the face of Jesus in the needy countenance of his children is a sacred practice.

Care cannot feel to the one cared for as if it is offered out of duty or guilt, but rather out of love.


What do people sense when you offer them care?

Is there anyone you know who models compassion to others?

Family Focus - Ask the question “Where and when do we meet Jesus?“ Read the passage and explain that one of the best ways to encounter Him is through helping someone in His name.

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