Pastor Joynt's Devotionals

Broken and the Blessed Week 2, Day 5

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DAY 12

JOHN 11:7-17; 28-33


Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted! God brings comfort to us in our mourning in several ways. As we have been discussing in previous days this week, he gives our sorrow a context and a purpose and with these two things comes both meaning and dignity. But that is not all. God gives us his presence, if we are open to it, in our grief. In our scripture today Jesus comes to Mary and Martha, who’ve lost their brother Lazarus. Jesus does not simply share truths or make promises, he participates fully in their grief. God does more than understand our sorrow, he too grieves with us! There is comfort in a God who identifies with us and who cares about our tears.


Do you know anyone who is grieving or sad?


What are the best ways to comfort someone? 



If someone is sad, how can we give them comfort?


Broken and the Blessed Week 2, Day 4

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DAY 11



David mourned when someone he loved died and he also entered into the tragedy of the world’s brokenness, mourning his tormented enemy Saul, whose wounds were self-inflicted. But in our Psalm today, David mourns his own sin and brokenness, in response to Nathan’s courageous naming of his plot to kill Uriah and seduce Bathsheba. Christians recognize, as David did, that the darkness resides not just outside of us and in others, but it lives in our own hearts. David was spiritually ardent, a creator of psalms and prayers. He was spiritually courageous, fighting Israel’s enemies in the name of Yahweh, often when no one else could. He was spiritually disciplined holding back from killing the murderous Saul when he could have acted with impunity. Yet David’s description of his own heart in Psalm 51 is as real and raw and accurate as anything in the bible.


What in your own life saddens you? What in your life saddens God?


Use our Psalm today as a prayer.



What do you say when you say sorry to God? Do you review the lowlights of your day?


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