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Serving Together for Tomorrow: Day 4

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LUKE 10:25-37

Some fall into the error of substituting service for evangelism, as if love of neighbor could be separated from love of God. Others try to separate love of God from love of neighbor, as if the “higher obligations to God” should take precedence over the need of others. This latter problem is directly addressed by Jesus in the story of the Good Samaritan.

The two clerical figures pass by in order to get on to do temple activity, to serve God. The Samaritan helps his unknown neighbor at considerable risk on a dangerous road and at notable expense. In helping the fallen victim, he is serving God. The two love commands cannot be separate—and neither one can obliterate the other. Service must be done in God’s name and way, and worship without neighbor love and neighbor concern is empty.

How have churches you’ve participated in integrated these things?

How does VPC?


Family Focus: Ask your children “Who is our neighbor?” How would Jesus respond to this question?

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Serving Together for Tomorrow: Day 3

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ROMANS 1:16-17

Pray for our denomination. At the recent General Assembly in Portland, Oregon, yesterday’s principles were rejected. A majority refused to affirm the first Great End of the Church, articulated in our Presbyterian Polity, the proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of human kind. Rev. Gale Watkins, of our own local Presbytery of Grand Canyon, spoke to the need for us to recommit to evangelism given our precipitous decline from 4.5 million members to 1.5 million. His pleas went unheard.

VPC must connect our service to witness in ways that reveal the truth of the gospel and the joy of the faith. Not to share our faith is to fail in the great commission and to abandon the Jesus of the N.T., who claimed to be “the way, the truth, and the life.”

What reasons have you seen for decline?

Pray for us to have the courage of our convictions and to never be ashamed of the gospel.

Family Focus: Share your favorite song or hymn. What does it say about Jesus?

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