Pastor Joynt's Devotionals

Broken and the Blessed Week 2, Day 3

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DAY 10
I SAMUEL 17:49; I SAMUEL 18:5



David’s mourning for Saul illustrates another aspect of the blessedness of sorrow. Saul has not been a friend to David for a long, long time. He has been an enemy, in fact. Saul sought to destroy David, giving in to jealousy and vindictive rage over the success David had in his service and the defense of the nation. Yet David mourns Saul’s death. Why? Because he has opened his heart to the broader landscape of the world's brokenness. He understands the tragic character of Saul’s self-inflicted wounds and bad decisions. He grasps the mental illness that clouded the King’s vision, pushing him through violent mood swings toward paranoia. David remembers Saul entrusting him with the honor of the nation in the battle with Goliath and his including him at court before the madness. He sees the humanity, even in an enemy.

What brokenness in the world makes you mournful?

Pray for a personal or national enemy, in light of the world’s tragic character.


Recall a time when someone has hurt you and pray for that person.


Broken and the Blessed Week 2, Day 2

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Our capacity to experience sorrow is thus a measure of our capacity to love deeply and engage meaningfully with others and with our broken world. If we achieve real connection and intimacy we will feel genuine loss. In a world of accidents, illness, conflict, death and disappointment, where losses are real and inevitable, mourning is a mark of spiritual maturity. In today’s scripture David mourns the loss of his dear friend, Jonathan, someone who had been loving and loyal. David is a King and a warrior who is not afraid to grieve.


Who do you remember with tears and thankfulness?


Spend some time remembering a friend or relative whom you’ve lost and committed into God’s hands.


Pray for someone you know who has suffered a loss.



Spend some time remembering a friend or relative whom you’ve lost and committed into God’s hands.


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