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Serving Together for Tomorrow: Day 2

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MATTHEW 4:23-5:2

When we embody God’s love in effective service, we win the right to be heard. Real love is an antidote to skepticism and a counterweight to the often negative portrayal of Christian faith in our culture. But though embodied love can -and should- prepare the way for witness; it should never replace it!

Jesus often stopped healing and helping in order to call people to faith and repentance. The good deeds we do, we do in His name, the name that is above every name, the name in which we are forgiven and saved from death and sin.

How do you see the connection between witness and service?

Do you know anyone who is skeptical of Christian faith?

Family Focus: Does your family ever service together? What kind of service would engage everyone in your crew?

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Serving Together for Tomorrow: Day 1

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1 PETER 4:10-11

Stronger Service | Church Challenge Five 

Stronger service is key for the future of VPC. Our church has a history of serving in many wonderful ways in the community, and forming partnerships with many excellent mission organizations around the country and the world. But the importance of mission is even greater in our current cultural context.

Today, the gateway into participation in the church is often participation in the church’s mission and service. Many people in rising generations are not asking faith questions or seeking affiliation with communities of faith. But they want to see the world change, and church initiatives are often the best vehicles for dealing with the hardest social and personal issues, including homelessness, hunger, addiction, and exclusion. The integrity of our work with those in need can attract others into our efforts, and then faith questions arise. What we do becomes a window into who we are.

What was your first involvement in a church mission?

What are your favorite current mission connections?

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