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Leading With a Courageous heart: Day 7

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JOHN 8:6-8

What did Jesus write on the ground and why did He do so? Ken Bailey, the Middle East New Testament scholar, suggests He was doing what judges did in the ancient near east. They would render a verdict by writing it on a slate or tablet. Jesus may have written “guilty” on the ground to acknowledge the legal truth and then wiped it away in His second movement to indicate forgiveness which He was pronouncing. This drama then would prefigure our objective guilt and our forgiveness painfully bought in his risky act of sacrificial love on the cross.

What do you think of this reading?

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Leading With a Courageous Heart: Day 6

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MATTHEW 21:8-9
LUKE 24:13-23

Jesus had a courageous heart! He rewrote the rules for being a Messiah. In doing so, He disappointed most Israelites, defying their expectations for a powerful liberator from political oppression. By offering freedom from spiritual oppression, He upset the calculus. This is most visible in the way cheers became jeers in Holy Week. Jesus’ emphasis on keeping the vulnerable, rescuing the needy, standing up for the exploited, and finding the lost, is just as challenging to live out today as it was to understand in the first century.

How easy do you find it to disappoint expectations?
Does Jesus’ agenda ever disappoint you?

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