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Leading with a Loyal Heart: Day 4

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2 SAMUEL 15:1-23


A lack of loyalty is destructive. Without loyalty, athletic teams bicker and fail. Without loyalty, political administrations leak and crumble. Without loyalty, every obstacle becomes a crisis, and people begin to blame others rather than assuming collective responsibility. Without loyalty, trust dissipates and relationships erode.

The tragedy of Absolom’s rebellion and the implosion of David’s family is a classic example of how destructive disloyalty can be. For disloyalty creates sides and divisions, opening fissures and promoting conflicts.


Have you seen the impact of disloyalty anywhere in your life?

Are you loyal?



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Leading With a Loyal Heart: Day 3

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JOHN 6:52-59; 66-68

MARK 14:27


Jesus led with a loyal heart as well, embodying His Father’s covenant faithfulness. He too was loyal despite the disloyalty of his followers. When Jesus begins to teach about the cross and some of the more difficult aspects of his identity and path, the crowds begin to thin. His disciples remain and promise fidelity but abandon Him under pressure. He sees this coming and warns them, and then, tellingly, after the crucifixion and Resurrection, He finds and forgives them.

Jesus models a kind of suffering leadership that forgives disloyalty and calls people back into relationships, unbound by guilt and blessed by forgiveness and freedom. 


Have you ever stayed loyal to someone who was disloyal to you?

Did you forgive them?



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