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Growing Together for Tomorrow: Day 5

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ACTS 1:4-5

Church Challenge: Deeper Devotion

We have special help in growing our hearts and lives. Everyone who has been baptized and believes in Jesus is given the “promise of the Father,” His Holy Spirit. God’s spirit aids us in our prayers, articulating our feelings even when we are too emotional or confused to express them. (Romans 8:26) As we seek God’s guidance, the Spirit “reminds us of Jesus’ teaching” (John 14:26), and helps us to understand the scriptures (John 16:16-17), guiding us into “all truth.”

God’s spirit is our inner counselor, our encourager, our coach, our guide, our boundary setter.

When was the last time you felt inspired or directed by the Holy Spirit?

Ask God to help you pray today.

Family Focus: Share with your children a time when God inspired or guided you.

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Growing Together for Tomorrow: Day 4

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ACTS 1:12-14

Church Challenge - Deeper Devotion

The disciples were constantly “devoting themselves to prayer.” Talking with God and listening to Him is a primary way to deepen your devotion, just as talking and listening is key to growing our friendships. There are many different ways to pray. There are “arrow prayers,” which are one or two sentence moments in the middle of our activities to ask God for help or to thank Him. There are regular times to be quiet and offer ourselves to Him. One classic pattern for this is to begin with adoration, praising God for who He is and what He has done, followed by confession, remembering our daily failings and seeking forgiveness, and then thanksgiving, lifting up everything God does to bless and guide and help us, and finally supplication, naming our needs and the needs of our family, community, and world. This is called the ACTS approach, with each letter standing for a prayer segment.

Did you know that all members of VPC are prayed for everyday by someone in our “House of Prayer?”

What is your prayer time like?

Do you use “arrow prayers” that remind you of God’s presence throughout the day?

Which of the four parts of prayers take up most of your time?

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