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Growing Together for Tomorrow: Day 3

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Church Challenge - Deeper Devotion

I love this passage, and I appreciate it more and more as I grow older! It is encouraging to realize that our spiritual development can go on as we age. Athletes peak in their twenties or thirties, scientists often do their most original work before 50, actors and actresses rarely play the lead roles beyond a certain point. But as we grow older, our faith can become stronger, our characters more beautiful, our devotion deeper. At a certain point, we won’t grow taller, faster, and stronger, and our memory may not work at lightening speed, but our love for God and others can increase every moment of our lives—right to the final day.

Thank God for an older person in your life who is a blessing to you.

Call or contact that person today to let them know.


Family Focus: What are the signs that we are growing older?  What are the signs we are growing deeper in our devotion to Jesus?  Write a note together to an older friend or relative.

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Growing Together for Tomorrow: Day 2

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ACTS 1:1-11

Church Challenge - Deeper Devotion 

Learning more about your faith and growing your devotion is not like downloading information onto your mobile device. It is a progressive process. The disciples had three years of training and growing during Jesus’ initial ministry and then a six-week intensive course after His Resurrection. Yet they still didn’t understand everything! They still had “Kingdom Questions,” as we see in our passage. Jesus welcomed these questions, because He knew they’d lead to greater understanding.

The ability to form questions and the courage to ask them, of God and one another, is a key to spiritual growth.

What question would you like to ask Jesus? 

Are you comfortable asking questions?

Family Focus: Have everyone in the family write down a question they have for God on a piece of paper and put them in  a hat. Take turns picking out the papers, then guessing who asked the question and discussing.

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