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Leading With a Loyal Heart: Day 2

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HOSEA 1:1-3, 4:12-13


Israel’s disloyalty amplifies God’s loyalty. He is loyal despite His people’s failures and meanderings. However, this loyalty comes at a high cost. Since God loves us passionately and completely, our abandonment of Him and our pursuit of other sources of value is a form of infidelity.

The book of Hosea shows this in narrative form. Hosea is faithful to his unfaithful wife and suffers because of her disloyalty. There is emotional pain for God, but on a greater scale and intensity, because of the innate tendency we all have to invest our lives and hearts in ungodly goals and activities.


Strong disciples know their default idols. What are yours?

How do you resist their lure?


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Leading With a Loyal Heart: Day 1

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Our God is a loyal God. His attitude to his people is summed up in the word “Hesed,” variously translated as “covenant loyalty,” “loyal love,” or “faithfulness.” The story of Israel is the story of a fickle people who wander away, repeatedly, from a loyal God. He remains loyal despite the lack of loyalty from them—even though loyalty is the heart of the first commandment as well as the second.

The disloyalty of Israel takes the form of “forgetting” their God and living as if He did not exist, and also the form of actively following other idolatrous gods.


Do you have periods when you forget about God?

Which “other gods” attract you? Success? Popularity? Security? Comfort

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