Pastor Joynt's Devotionals

Day 41: Purpose

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JOHN 14:12-14

Have you located the last sola? Believers are told not just believe in Jesus, but to do the works that He did, all for God’s glory. Now this is a promise that is hard to conceive. Acts of power like Jesus? Acts of love and compassion? Acts of mercy and sacrifice? Demonstrations of truth and justice? Wow! Here we are told that Jesus will act with us and through us under two conditions. One is when we act “in His name,” meaning in conformity with his character. Two is when we act not for our own advancement or acclaim but for God’s glory. Here is the fifth sola, Sola Deo Gloria.

Do your requests and actions reflect the character of Jesus?
Was the Father glorified in your life this week?

Day 40: Purpose

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JOHN 14:10

We did not witness, directly, Jesus’ deeds and teaching as Philip did. We depend on the witness of scripture, and it is in the pages of the New Testament alone that we can find the words and deeds of Christ which nourish our faith. This principle is Sola Scripture. Trusting scripture is not so much adherence to a doctrine of revelation—it is a matter of our willingness to live our lives in conformity to Jesus’ commands and example drawn from the gospels. It is about our practice as much as our orthodoxy. Do His promises shape our outlook? Does His character form our ambitions? The same Lord who encountered Philip invites us to exercise our faith, to trust His claims, and to base our lives around His presence and direction.

Have you tested Jesus’ teaching?

Is your relationship with scripture theoretical or practical?

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