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Relating Together for Tomorrow: Day 5

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ACTS 2:18

Church Challenge: Richer Relationships

One of the hurdles human's have to cross is economic. Much that segregates us is a function of our difference in income. It is revolutionary and shocking for Joel, and Peter emphasizing his text, to insist that God would include slaves in spiritual leadership. Class difference pervaded the ancient world as they do our own. Whenever there are differences of natural ability, and there are everywhere and always, there will be differences of achievement and financial success. Wherever babies are born into a differing circumstances of poverty and wealth, and they are in all cases, there will be inequalities of economic standing. But in the church, we unite across these dissimilarities and rejoice in our common need for a common grace from a common Savior. We celebrate a generosity all can share in, regardless of means, and we aim at a character all can develop, whatever the scale of their blessings.

There are still millions of slaves in our world! Pray for justice and release.

How economically diverse are your friendships?

Family Focus - What does it mean to be rich?  Is it easier or harder to follow Jesus when you are wealthy?

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Relating Together for Tomorrow: Day 4

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ACTS 2:1-12

Church Challenge: Richer Relationships

Our youth and children’s ministry are built around the assumption from yesterday’s theme—inter-generational community. We hope that every child and teenager will have at least five adults who they know, value, and mentor them in life and faith, beyond their family.  We try to integrate our youth and children into our worship and mission.

But today’s lesson is harder to build into our common life. In our text, the Spirit inspires the gathered community, drawn from many nations, to praise God. Residents from 15 different locations, each heard the thanksgiving in their own native languages. This “miracle of hearing” is a reversal of the Tower of Babel incident (Genesis 11:9), when human differences of culture and language are a barrier to connection and understanding. Difference of culture and geography and nationality and language are beautiful and difficult aspects of our life together, within and beyond the USA.  Part of the church’s unique identity and task is to connect across and beyond these differences.


Do you have friends whose primary language is not English?

Can you hear the truth they speak and faith they express?

Thank God for those in our church from other lands and for our connections in mission to other places and cultures.

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