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Leading With a Disciplined Heart: Day 2

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The Bible warns about idleness, and today’s verse from Proverbs is a prime example. To want success without work, impact without effort, is to misunderstand life’s design. We grow as we strive, we change as we invest, and so does the world around us. Jesus models for us a life of action, a strenuous engagement with people and problems. He worked at manual labor, at relationships, at learning, at helping, at prayer, at solving injustice. Idleness produces disengagement from what really matters.


When was the period in your life of greatest idleness?

When were you most productive?

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Leading With a Disciplined Heart: Day 1

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“It is not the mountains we conquer, it is ourselves.”

                                                                 ~ Sir Edmund Hillary


Are you a self-disciplined disciple? The answer depends on the degree of your alignment. Some of us are like cars with faulty alignment—we point ourselves in a particular direction but end up drifting away from our chosen destination.

True alignment in our lives means that our expenditure of time and energy and resources is in line with our goals and values. We focus and work and invest in things that matter to God, in things that build his Kingdom, in things that last.


How true is your alignment?

Do you have clear Kingdom values?  

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