Pastor Joynt's Devotionals

Day 48: Understanding

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JOHN 16:12-15

It is encouraging to think that the Spirit is God’s gift to direct us toward the truth. In a doubtful world it is reassuring that there is truth to be discovered. It is helpful and hopeful to think that God’s Spirit can help us to see something of the future, and to sense how He is at work amid the ups and downs of today. It is comforting to be told that God’s character is fully known and defined in Jesus’ life and that we can therefore trust His Father is our Father.

Which of these elements do you find most encouraging? 

Day 47: Understanding

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JOHN 16:15

This past Sunday was Trinity Sunday. In this verse Jesus connects the Spirit and the Father with His own life and ministry. There is no second side to God’s character beyond what we see and hear from Jesus. There need be no addendum or postscript. Instead the Spirit will help us understand God’s truth as we find it in our Lord’s life and words. The persons of the Trinity act in concert. Our understanding as Christians, roots in a great narrative with three movements. Creation, redemption, and renewal frame the story of life and locate our lives within the work of God. Jesus is at the center of all God; doing as He makes, restores, and renews His creation and His creatures. This deeper understanding came to the disciples through the Spirit as they reflected on Jesus’ life and death and resurrection.

Read Colossians 1:15-20 and think about it in relation to our verses from John 16.

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