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Leading With a Disciplined Heart: Day 6

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JOHN 18:19-24

You are ultimately responsible for your own devotional life. Jesus, when teaching on prayer, says go into your room by yourself, and then pray. But just because each of us is individually responsible for our spiritual lives, it does not follow that we must carry that responsibility alone. Others can help and encourage us in our own journeys. Prayer partners, small group experiences, mentors, classes, and books—there are many ways to stimulate your own growth and devotion.


How are you stimulating your growth and devotion?

What might aid you this year?

Are you in  a position to help someone else grow?

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Leading With a Disciplined Heart: Day 5

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“Now during those days he went to the mountain to pray and he spent the night in prayer with God.”

                                                                              ~ Luke 6:12


I believe strongly in the intercessory prayer. But in one sense, no one else can pray for you! Because nothing can substitute for your own intimate times with God. The adrenaline of the gym can’t replace those times, neither can the stimulation of the classroom, the drama of the boardroom, or the thrill of the hunt. Under the pressures of His ministry, beset by crowds with their demands, disciples with their questions, and leaders with their challenges—Jesus did not sacrifice His moments of quiet and devotion. Here, in our lesson, we see Him increasing those times.


How intimate is your prayer life?

Do you look forward to times with God?

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