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Leading With a Courageous Heart: Day 5

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JOHN 1:14
JOHN 8:10-11

Jesus helps and rescues this woman without abandoning the truth of the law or the reality of her guilt. Refusing to condemn her, He offers her forgiveness but insists that she “go and sin no more.” Forgiveness is never an excuse to continue destructive patterns of behavior. It is not laxness or moral indifference. It takes courage to speak and live in ways that honor both grace and truth.

Are you courageous about grace?
Are you courageous about truth?

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Leading With A Courageous Heart: Day 4

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MATTHEW 9:9-13

This action by Jesus was connected to a more general campaign He undertook that was radical and dangerous. Not only did He issue a general indictment, erasing the line between the righteous and the unrighteous, but He insisted that righteousness was connected to mercy. The willingness to help a struggling sinner, and not the desire to separate or condemn her, was the genuine mark of righteousness. This is a revolutionary insight in the history of religion.

Is there a struggler near you who needs help to get on the path?
What do you make of the revolution?

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