Pastor Joynt's Devotionals

Day 10: Assurance

Isaiah 40:21-31

Jesus brings an even deeper assurance to his disciples in John 10 than we find in Psalm 23. He says that he is the good shepherd who will never abandon them. The proof of this is his willingness to lay down his life for them. Here our Lord draws on the country image of a shepherd lying in the open doorway of a stone sheep pen to confront predators who could harm the flock. This image is the origin of the phrase “over my dead body.” Jesus is the sacrificial shepherd who guarantees the ultimate safety of his sheep, each one of which he knows personally by name.

Do you think of yourself as known and protected by God?

Do you have a flock to care for?


Day 9: Assurance (The Third Reason)

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1 CORINTHIANS 15:30-33

The third reason I believe in the Resurrection is connected to the behavior of the disciples. A defeated and fearful group is galvanized into brave and risky action. Despite organized opposition and at the cost of their lives, they begin to proclaim the Resurrection of a crucified criminal—knowing that this belief was a “stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Greeks.” No one risks their lives for beliefs they know to be false, or undergoes suffering and death for things they think are unlikely and dubious. The New Testament accounts show the disciples moving from doubt to conviction against the odds and in a manner that was contrary to their own interests.

Have you ever turned around from confusion and disbelief because of a spiritual experience?

Do you find this reason for trust in the Resurrection compelling?