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Leading With a Disciplined Heart: Day 4

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LUKE 4:42-44

I am not self-disciplined by nature. My problem is not idleness per se, though I have my lazy moments. My issue is distractibility. For 21st Century people, distractibility may be more dangerous than plain old laziness. For as a whole, Americans do work a significant number of hours. Yet for some of us, our hours can be unfocused. We major in the minors, we allow things of secondary importance to occupy much of our time and attention.

Jesus healed and helped, but never at the expense of teaching. He befriended strangers but not at the cost of empowering his disciples. He traveled into Gentile territory, but didn’t lose his focus on Jerusalem. The Greek word “dei” translated “must” underlines the way for Jesus, the urgent did not overwhelm the important.


Are you distractible?

What typically distracts you?

Avoid one of your cardinal distractions today.

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Leading With a Disciplined Heart: Day 3

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“Blessed are the self-disciplined (meek), they shall inherit the earth.”  ~ Matthew 5:5


Self-discipline allows us to build towards goals and accomplishments. A daily practice lines up with a lifetime purpose, when days become weeks and weeks become months and months become years. No amount of innate talent can replace this sort of methodical, systematic effort. No pianist is perfect apart from practice, no athlete realizes her potential without training, no academic contributes to his field who fails the test of daily investment. Preacher Harry Emerson Fosdick said, “No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed. No steam or gas ever drives anything until it is confined. No Niagara is ever turned into light and power until it is tunneled. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, and disciplined.”

No one grows deep spiritually by accident, without a disciplined commitment to prayer, scripture study, worship, witness, and service.


The word meek, or praus in Greek, pictures a stallion whose power and speed are under perfect control. It is best translated by “disciplined strength.” Are you meek?

How are your spiritual disciplines?

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