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Leading With a Courageous Heart Day 3

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JOHN 8:7

Jesus’ response showed immense courage. Facing a mob led by Israel’s leaders, a mob armed with stones, He intervened and protected this unnamed woman. He did so by inviting “anyone who is without sin to cast the first stone.” This question stopped the angry crowd, which melted away. It takes courage, when facing a crowd, to indict the whole group by implication. Jesus challenged, in effect, not the justice of her case, but the fitness of the accusers to stand in judgement. Jesus has the courage to indict the world—even as He sets about saving it.

It takes courage to see how broken we are as people. Do you agree?

Have you ever faced a mob?

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Leading With a Courageous Heart: Day 2

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JOHN 8:1-5

Why did this situation require particular courage? Well, it put Jesus Himself under a difficult kind of pressure. As a Jewish rabbi, He was in a corner, facing a quandary. If He stopped the execution, He’d be seen to be undermining the law and lose credibility. If He did not, a woman would die, and lose her opportunity to grasp the forgiveness Jesus offered to sinners and strugglers. The character of His ministry and His legitimacy as a leader were simultaneously at stake. The more at stake, the more the pressure.

Have you every faced a “no-win” situation?
Has your credibility as a leader been on the line recently?

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