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Leading With an Encouraging Heart: Day 4

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Leading with an encouraging heart is not the same as cheerleading. In high school, I remember how badly I felt when the cheerleading squad were yelling about destroying our opponents, and the scoreboard showed the other basketball team was ahead by 30 with one minute left.

Effective encouragement cannot be delusional—it must be rooted in reality, even if that reality is shaped by faith-filled possibility. You can lose a battle without losing the war, and you can lose without being defeated. Sometimes encouragement takes the form of empathy with tough circumstances.


Have you ever cheered a lost cause?

How do you handle real setbacks?

Notice Paul’s realism about his own suffering and that of the Roman Church.



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Leading With an Encouraging Heart: Day 3

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MATTHEW 10:16-22


A leader with an encouraging heart never ignores the obstacles that lie ahead, or underplays the costs of an endeavor. Honesty about the size of the hill, the danger of the battle, or the price of the adventure cannot be compromised. In fact, obstacles and challenges are part of why people engage in tasks and movements. God has built into our hearts a taste for beating the odds, a desire to overcome.

Part of the attraction of commitment is its arduous quality.


Are you able to face and name obstacles?

Do challenges engage you?

Read Jesus’ warning to his disciples.




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