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Leading With a Growing Heart: Day 6

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The growing heart of a leader also comes from certain practices. There are spiritual steps that lengthen our stride. There are spiritual exercises that develop our stamina. Forgiveness is one. As we practice forgiveness, we become more forgiving, and our ability to understand and bless others increases.

As every parent knows, when you have children, you discover new territory in your heart. When you love someone, you become more loving. Your capacity for love expands.

Have you become more or less forgiving over time?
Think of someone you need to forgive. Pray that as you do, your heart will grow.

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Leading With a Growing Heart: Day 5

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LUKE 2:46

This principle of growth means that questions are gifts and relationships are opportunities. Sometimes we hesitate to voice or explore our spiritual and theological questions. Perhaps others will look at us as skeptics or consider us unfaithful. Maybe our questions will appear silly or rudimentary. What if they are unanswerable?

No! Good questions are the pathway to great answers. God welcomes our questions. The obvious corollary has to do with resources. Reading great books, attending great events, connecting with great teachers and role models, directory or indirectly—in all these ways we learn from others.

Are you good at surfacing your questions?
Are you well resourced to find answers? (If not, VPC can help!)
Note that Jesus’ practice of questioning developed as a boy.

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