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Leading With a Growing Heart: Day 4

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PSALM 119:65-66

Another reason why God wants our hearts to grow has to do with our environment. Has anyone noticed how fast the world changes? As the externals shift, the internals must respond. A key characteristic of human beings is our adaptability—and this is another word for our capacity to grow. Change around us can feel unwelcome, but it can promote growth within our hearts and minds.

Adaptation, notice, is not conformity to environmental change. Some changes in value and practice must be criticized and challenged and not simply adopted.

What changes around you do you find challenging?
What was the greatest period of adaptation in your life?
Pray for good judgement in changing circumstances.

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Leading With a Growing Heart: Day 3

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ISAIAH 55:6-9

Why must we have growing hearts as Christian leaders? One reason is that a continual learning curve reflects the reality of life. Creation is mysterious and marvelous! There is much to be discovered, relished, and celebrated. God is not just some simple entity to be examined, understood, and cataloged. There is always more to know about His character, more glory to experience, more depth to explore. The scriptures are profound and compelling, rewarding attention with ever-growing insight.

Is there something you don’t know right now that excites you?
Is your learning curve moving upwards?
What part of scripture would you like to know better?

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