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Leading With a Just Heart: Day 2

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The criteria for legitimate teaching is simple—faithful exposition of the will of God. The obligation to obey, to follow instruction, is absolute, as long as a teacher conforms to scripture. This is the criteria that should be used in evaluating Christian teachers, preachers, and leaders.

But in our verse today, there is a trenchant critique of leadership. Jesus points out that often leaders fail to practice what they preach, to embody the values they seek to inculcate. There is a divergence between their words and deeds. Too wide a divergence and teaching becomes hypocrisy.


How do you evaluate Christian leaders?

What dangers come when practice and values diverge?


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Leading With a Just Heart: Day 1

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MATTHEW 23:1-3a


Jesus gives leadership lessons in Matthew 23. He begins by reinforcing the importance and value of those who teach the scriptures. When the Pharisees “sit on Moses’ seat,” they are revealing God’s genuine will in the Torah. Therefore, their instruction must be followed, and they have legitimate authority.

Justice begins with revelation. It is not a “social construct,” although men and women have invented all kinds of legal systems and cultural mores. Justice is rooted in the design of the creator and in his purposes for human life. Just leadership is never autonomous, but always depends on the will of God revealed in scripture, lived out in the life of Jesus. 


As Christian citizens, we are subject to the laws of our nation, but we answer to a higher law. Do you agree?

Does this teaching on genuine authority also provide a criteria for judging leaders?




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