Pastor Joynt's Devotionals

Day 12: Assurance

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JOHN 10:14-15

Jesus’ willingness to lay down His life is the source of a great assurance for us. It means the cross is not just an event within the heart of God, a reconciliation of justice and mercy in the name of love. It is also Jesus making good on his promise to his sheep. Keeping hard promises proves to the people of our lives that they matter and are worth sacrifice and hardship. We trust people who compromise schedules, incur costs, or undergo strenuous moments in order to help or protect us. How much more should we trust One who laid down his Life for us?

When have you kept a hard promise?

Life divides us between “hired hands” and “good shepherds.” Do you agree?




Day 11: Assurance

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JOHN 10:17-18

These verses are crucial for grasping the event of the cross. Jesus explicitly says that He anticipated and embraced His fate. He was a substitute and not a passive victim. This becomes clear in the narrative in many ways. He predicts his own death on multiple occasions. He adopts the language of Isaiah 53, the suffering servant whose bruises heal Israel’s sins, to explain the meaning of his death.

He has many opportunities to forsake the suffering path. He could have avoided Jerusalem. He might have thrown the betraying Judas out of his troop, making the arrest into a more public event. He could have answered his charges before Pilate, or recanted His teaching about Himself before the Sanhedrin. He could have summoned an angel squadron to the rescue or overawed the Roman authorities with divine power or knowledge. But He did none of these things.

Why is it important that Jesus went voluntarily to his death?