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All You Need is Love Daily Devotional -30

by David Joynt on May 10, 2021

1 CORINTHIANS 13:7a | 7a Love bears all things.

As we practice the love that is forbearing, we make a fascinating discovery: we become noticeably stronger emotionally. At first this discovery is counter-intuitive. When we feel strong emotions, particularly negative ones, toward a person or circumstance, not expressing these feelings seems like a weakness, as if we are not honoring our own sensitivities. It can feel empowering to express our feelings, and even cathartic, as we assert our right to be angry or upset or disappointed. This feeling is usually short lived and gives way to more anger or to guilt.

But when we forego these moments, utilizing the agape which bears the things we cannot change, we suddenly experience a     radical new freedom. We become immune to baiting and goading. We cannot be manipulated emotionally. We are not prisoners to reflex responses and we become less reactive. These are formidable and emotional strengths.

What are your sensitive points?

Are you imperturbable or reactive?


Tags: love, sensitive, reactive, imperturbable

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