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Faithful: Faith Saves, Day 6

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LUKE 19:10 | “For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.”

There was joy wherever Jesus went. He preached “good news”—that it was possible to enter God’s Kingdom right now, by recognizing your own struggles and your need, and then connecting your life to his by consciously accepting him as Lord and Master. He freed people from sin and its manifold results. His teaching overcame confusion. His healing brought health to diseased bodies and tortured minds. His acceptance restored people to community, and his forgiveness turned guilt to peace. In all these ways, the lost were sought and found, and salvation was shown to be not just a Bible word or a theological concept but a concrete reality. The cross, Resurrection, and giving of the Holy Spirit made this salvation available beyond Palestine, to everyone in every time and place who believes.

Pray today for someone you know who suffers from isolation, ill- health, confusion, or guilt.


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