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The Other Jesus, Week 2, Day 4

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MATTHEW 5:38-42

Jesus’ encounter with the wealthy young man reveals several things about resources and riches. Money and identity can get mixed up and confused since wealth and status are connected in our world. High earners have access to special seats on airplanes and sporting events, they can carry special credit cards, receive special magazines, join special clubs, and receive special invitations from the powerful. All of this feeds the ego but not the soul. For money confers no status in God’s Kingdom. Instead resources generate opportunity and responsibility, at every income level. Generosity is a concrete practice and a measure of our spiritual health and it is possible for every person, in proportion to their income and assets. In our scripture we are reminded that resource use is also a sign of our allegiance. Freedom from materialism is an indirect witness to the God we trust for our provision.

How often do you envy someone who is wealthier than you are?

How often do you pray for someone who is poorer than you are?


How does your family teach generosity?


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