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The Language of the End

Series: Finale: Revelation and Imagination

The Language of the End

June 06, 2021 | David Joynt

Passage: Revelation

Series Information

The book of Revelation is unique in its appeal primarily to our imagination- not a freewheeling imagination, but a disciplined imagination.

Addressed to seven fledging church communities in the west part of Asia Minor, its focus is the return of Jesus Christ and the final establishing of God's Kingdom at the end of time. 

Filled with verses of great comfort and images of absolute horror, Revelation has fascinated and repulsed readers for generations. It has given rise to exotic and elaborate theories about final things and also been ignored by many believers. We will seek to recover its original context and discover the crucial message it contains about providence and history. 

God speaks in parables and stories, commands and proverbs, poetry and songs, and in natural and historical events. He also speaks through images and symbols, disclosing deep purposes. May God bless us, as together we enter the vivid and vital world of apocalyptic. 

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