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The Other Jesus, Part 3, Week 1, Day 2

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“I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance. I know that you cannot tolerate evildoers; you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them to be false.”

 Jesus’ words, through John, to the church at Ephesus, reflect something of John’s abiding passions which his Lord inspired. John was a “Son of Thunder,” as Jesus nicknamed him, and he had an abiding commitment to the truth, a zeal that compelled him to oppose heresy and untruth—on one occasion, he refused to stay in the same house as one Cerinthus who had strayed from sound teaching.

 Yet John was also the apostle of love, and this is clear in his epistles. Toward the end of his life, he’d preach a one sentence sermon at every church meeting, imploring members in these words: “Little children love one another.”

 John encourages and approves the church at Ephesus for identifying and resisting evil doers and for testing their credibility as teachers of God’s truth.


Heavenly Father, do not let me seek truth without love or become loving but unconcerned for truth. Like Jesus and John, help me to love truth and love people and to seek a truthful love rather than a vague inclusivity. Grant me also a patience endurance in all things. Amen.


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The Other Jesus, Part 2, Week 2, Day 4

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LUKE 9:59

To another he said, “Follow Me!.” But he said, “Lord, let me go bury my father.”

Commitment anxiety is a common problem in relationships. Freedom is falsely understood as unlimited, unconstrained choices. But what happens when we actually choose something or someone? We limit our choices, of course, but we know a deeper freedom by doing so. When you fall in love, you must make sacrifices of time and energy, and you must the put the needs and desires of your beloved above your own, but these sacrifices and restrictions are not a burden hard to embrace, because they deepen the rewards of love.

This man’s father has not just died on the day he is asked to follow Jesus, or he’d be involved in the burial process. He is asking for an unlimited furlough until his father’s life is over and wants to keep his discipleship choice open until that indefinite moment. Meanwhile, he’ll miss the once in history work of the Son of Man and the events that become the hinge of history and the heart of the disciples’ witness.


Gracious God, Focus my heart on your will and ways. Do not let me push you aside as a later agenda item. Draw me close and let me find my freedom in commitment. Give time, today, a sense of urgency as I seek to fulfill your purpose. Amen.