Helping children understand that it isn’t important how we worship but who we worship and making it part of our lives. RECOMMENDED FOCUS: AGES 6+ (First Grade)

by Tina Gilbreath on July 12, 2020

Promoting discipleship at home-Worship

Psalm 29:2Praise the Lord and honor his name! Worship the Lord in all his holy beauty.

WHO: Parents and their First Grader.

WHY: Throughout the Old Testament, God trained Israel to worship appropriately, giving them direction for accepted and rejected worship. Parents should also train their children to appropriately worship God. If children are always encouraged to leave the service early, no wonder that older children balk at having to stay for the service

WHAT: Teaching children to worship helps them learn to take the focus off themselves and put it back on God.

HOW: First graders are encouraged to begin participating in Family Worship more frequently. Parents attend the Worship Family Workshop or click on the button above for tips, resources to make worshiping with your child a more positive experience. You may also download a plan to be intentional this year.

For resources and tips please click HERE or the NOTES button above

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