by Tina Gilbreath on July 12, 2020

Helping children understand that it isn’t important how we worship but who we worship and making it part of our lives.

Praise the Lord and honor his name! Worship the Lord in all his holy beauty."
Psalm 29:2

Tips for Helping Your Child Learn to Worship:

Feeling uncomfortable worshiping with your child? Here are a few things to remember:

  • Children need to see their parents participate in worship and experience that worship with them.
  • The most influential moments in a child’s life are often not the moments that parents program, but the moments that just happen. Worship opportunities are filled with these moments.
  • Parents’ understanding of worship, attention to worship, participation in worship, and benefit from worship is increased as role models for their children for their children in worship.
  • Throughout the Old Testament, God trained Israel to worship appropriately, giving them direction for accepted and rejected worship. Parents should also train their children to appropriately worship God.
  • "a little noise in the sanctuary doesn't ruin God's experience of our worship. It might be annoying for me-or embarrassing-but it doesn't ruin God's experience. He wants the worship of young children (let the little children come to me, anyone?) and it's okay if my worship experience suffers a little as a result." Pastor's wife and blogger Jillian Burden
  • Just like any new skill (e.g., potty training, table manners) children need a season to practice worship.

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