Called To Lead

In a church of our size, it is not possible for the All Church Nominating Committee (ACNC) to know the names and potential of all the members who could be passionate and committed leaders. The ACNC is the team charged with identifying VPC members who feel called to lead in the church. We invite you to prayerfully nominate those members who could serve our church in leadership positions. You are an important part of this process, and we want you to participate in the nominating process!
Nominations are now being accepted for the positions of Deacons, Elders, and Trustees of the Valley Presbyterian Foundation. The term of service is three years beginning in February 2025.

How do I nominate someone?

  • Email the ACNC: or Committee Chair, Stephanie DeHaven:
  • Fill out a nomination card online or in the church office

Nomination Form

What do volunteer leadership positions do?

  • VPC has a large and talented staff, but much of the work of the church is done through these three areas, which focus on different areas of ministry:


  • Should have the church’s plans and best interests as their priority
  • Are responsible for the mission and government of the church
  • Should be persons of good faith, dedication, and good judgement
  • Should show a willingness to be a leader


  • Serve as leaders of ministry teams
  • Emphasize relationships over tasks
  • Should be persons of warm character and sound judgement
  • Should be willing to serve the church and its community


  • Help develop unrestricted and restricted Funds to support the capital needs of the church
  • Oversee investment opportunities
  • Distribute the investment income as prioritized