RECOMMENDED FOCUS: AGES 7+ Teach your child about God’s word and establish the practice of reading and memorizing scripture as a household.

by Tina Gilbreath on July 15, 2020

Here are some tips for helping your child & family dive into the Bible:
  • Model it: You cannot pass on to your child something that you don’t have. Schedule regular bible reading
    where your kids can see you. Sign up for a bible study or join a small group.
  • Use as a guide: Show your child how the Bible can be used by a guide when seeking wisdom.
  • Keep it simple: choose a verse to focus on weekly or daily.
  • Be creative: check out different translations, or bible apps.YouVersion Bible App, Wisdom Hunters App
  • Don’t Bluff: It’s okay to not know the answer to a question. It’s an opportunity to show your child how to
    search for wisdom in his word and that God love us whether we have all the answers or not.
  • Focus on basics: teach your child how to study and understand God’s word. Encourage them to follow
    simple steps to start: Read it; think about it; pray about it; apply it.
  • Pray: for you child to grow in love and understanding of God’s word.

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