How Do We Stay Together When the World is Tearing Apart?


Every Wednesday, from 09/15/2021 to 10/20/2021, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Facilitators: Terry Hargrave & Sharon Hargrave LMFT

Masks? Vaccinations? The Election? Policing? Sexuality? Wherever we look, we are overwhelmed with conflict, conspiracies, aggression, anger and even hate.This deadly polarization makes it seem impossible to hang together as a church and as a family.

Our goal in this interactive class is to understand our own emotional polarization and the emotional turmoil in our identity and safety that got us to this position. We will learn how to relate and understand the emotional pain of those "on the other side" and how to dialogue without escalating anger and bitterness. 

Finally, we will learn how to -even when we differ dramatically- we can move forward with a oneness that allows each person to contribute the gifts they bring to relationships.

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