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A Manger Seen,Week 2, Day 14

by David Joynt on December 14, 2019

A Manger Seen,Week 2, Day 14

LUKE 1:50| His mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation.

Mary hopes for and believes in a revolutionary future. Some of this hope rests on her observation that there is an underside to history. The human story is deeper than the history books and the news programs. Beyond the headlines, underneath the grand events, his mercy is working among those who fear him. The nation of Israel began with an old age pensioner and his barren wife. The Exodus started with a criminal on the run. The glory of the monarchy happened through the sudden emergence of an obscure shepherd boy. No one in the day of Abraham or Moses or David would ever have guessed they would be at the center of sacred history!

God works with underdogs on the underside of human history. He is able to do great things with those who fear him. Fear is a combination of loyalty, awe and respect. The glossy surface of history, which commands the center of the world’s attention, is often misleading. Just ask the Egyptians and the Romans and Mary.

Do you fear God?
Is God at work in your life in ways that others cannot see?
Much of what is important in the story of the world is invisible at the time. Do you agree?

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