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Body Building Daily Devotional- 69

by David Joynt on November 19, 2021

HEBREWS 12:2a | 2a looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.

Faith prior to Jesus was incomplete and so imperfect. The great catalogue of faithful Old Testament heroes all had enormous trust in God’s promises. But not until Jesus were the promises fulfilled. The promised land becomes the kingdom of God. The dream of a new covenant is realized and the gift of God’s spirit made available. Repeated rituals give way to one final sacrifice able to eliminate every vestige of sin. Hope for life beyond life becomes tangible in His resurrection, the desire for healing in His touch. Our faith in Him, and in His faithfulness, replaces trust in our own obedience. Law gives way to grace.

Do you trust Jesus to perfect your imperfections?

Tags: jesus, trust, imperfections

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