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Broken and the Blessed,Lent Day 9

by David Joynt on March 09, 2017





The third purpose or use of the divine law is transformative. Once we are connected with Jesus and His grace and power infuse our hearts, we are able to progress in holiness. This progress may be slow and inconsistent, with moments when we lose the battle with old habits and attitudes, but gradually we will become more like our Master. The law shows us the shape of holiness in our sexual practices, our economic life, our personal relationships. The law answers for us the question—”How can I please God?”



How have you pleased God today?


Include what you’ve done and refrained from doing.


Go over the different “clothes” we wear in Colossians 3. What do you have on?




What thing about yourself would you like to change? What would God like to change about you?


Tags: grace, law, how can i please god?

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