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Divine Imperatives September 22 Devotional

by David Joynt on September 22, 2023

MATTHEW 5:42 | 42 Give to the one who asks of you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you.

We are called in this verse to a wise and willing generosity, not to unlimited and unthoughtful benevolence. We are not asked to give “whatever we are asked, but to whomever asks.” Unjust or excessive asking should not be rewarded. We don’t give a knife to a murderer, or money for drugs to an addict. Our giving must be helpful and should aim first at aid and then transformation, rather than dependency. Willing generosity, of course, also transforms us!


Has generosity been transforming for you?



Gracious God,

Show me the joy of strategic giving that alleviates sorrow and suffering and builds Your kingdom. You are the giver, ultimately, of every good and perfect gift.



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