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Easter Hearts, Week 4, Day 3

by David Joynt on May 01, 2018

Easter Hearts, Week 4, Day 3


JOHN 21:4-6 | MATTHEW 4:18-22


The disciples were fishing at night but had a surprise at daybreak. Jesus set the scene very carefully for this encounter. It is great to know we can meet him in our homes, as we’ve seen earlier, and also in work and recreation settings. But this particular time and location had inevitable memories for the disciples. Jesus had encountered them on the shores of Galilee, plying their trade as fishermen. This encounter was a recall of the earlier moment when they left their nets to follow him and become disciples. They had ventured, abandoning the safe and familiar, to become “fishers of men.”


Can you recall moments where you sensed Jesus’ invitation or answered his call?


Have you ever ventured?



Did the disciples make a sacrifice to leave their fishing careers?  Or embrace an opportunity? Or both?


Tags: sacrifice

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