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Real Devotional 6

by David Joynt on May 06, 2022

JAMES 1:4a| 4a and let endurance have its full effect,

What do you give the person who has everything?! This is a real problem in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley! Usually the best thing we can give someone else is ourselves. It is our time, attention, interest, and love that really blesses others.

What do you give the God who has everything? The God who quite literally doesn’t need anything and who is utterly fulfilled in Himself? Again, the best gift is yourself! We do offer God our service and obedience, our prayers and our praise, but in the end we offer Him ourselves. As we endure trials and grow through them we are perfecting that final gift.

Give someone the gift of your best self today.

Pray that God will continue to work in you.

Tags: god, work, gift

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