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Set Apart Devotional June 16

by David Joynt on June 16, 2024

LEVITICUS 8:1-2 | 1 The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Take Aaron and his sons with him, the vestments, the anointing oil, the bull for the purification offering, the two rams, and the basket of unleavened bread; and assemble the whole congregation at the entrance of the tent of meeting.”

As a young boy I was fascinated with knights, particularly the tales of the court of King Arthur. When someone was “knighted” it was not merely a personal badge of honor. Nor was it inclusion in a mercenary military corps. It was the embrace of a public duty, to defend the weak, vulnerable, and exploited in the name of justice and the king.


Notice that here also, in Leviticus, Moses is instructed to ordain  Aaron and his sons, in the presence of all the people. The priests are not a secret society, with closed rites and private rituals. The ordination is a public event, they are ordained to serve others.


When have you taken a public vow?



Gracious God,

Help me to understand the public impact of my life. Show me how to serve others to their benefit and Your glory.



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