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Set Apart Devotional June 19

by David Joynt on June 19, 2024

LEVITICUS 9:7b |  7b make atonement for yourself and for the people, and sacrifice the offering of the people and make atonement for them.


As servants of God we must build in humility practices, like confession and repentance, to keep attitudes and egos in check. We must also have a sense of just how awesome it is to stand between God and others.


A priest in ancient Israel was seen primarily as a mediator, one who stood between God and people. Having sacrificed for his own brokenness, Aaron “makes atonement” for the guilt and sin of his fellow Israelites. We also stand between God and others, others who are broken and separated from God, others who are struggling and following dead end paths. This is a great calling: to share God’s grace and truth and forgiveness with others.


Who are you a mediator for?



Gracious God,

Let me see today as a chance to share Your goodness and mediate Your grace to someone else.



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