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Set Apart Devotional June 21

by David Joynt on June 21, 2024

LEVITICUS 10:11-12 |   11 And you are to teach the Israelites all the statutes that the Lord has spoken to them through Moses.” 12 Moses spoke to Aaron and to his remaining sons, Eleazar and Ithamar, “Take the grain offering that is left from the Lord’s offerings by fire, and eat it unleavened beside the altar, for it is most holy;

We associate the Levitical priests with ritual sacrifices, and the book of Leviticus is full of gory details about animal offerings. These   verses open a window into another aspect of the priestly vocation. The family of Aaron is instructed to “teach the Israelites all the decrees the Lord has given them.” Rites and rituals must always connect with commands and instructions. There is ceremony and education, learning and practices.


We stand between God and others in this sense also—we can convey things we learn to others, with imagination and love.


What are you learning about God that you want to convey?



Gracious God,

You call us to teach as well as serve. Give us the right words to share in the right way to bless others.



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