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Thank God it's Monday Devotional 17

by David Joynt on September 20, 2022

MATTHEW 6:9-10 | “Pray, then, in this way: Our Father in heaven, may your name be revered as holy. 10 May your kingdom come. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This week we consider the calling to represent others as politicians, and many others are called to do, within governmental structures and beyond them. In a broken world, all human institutions that exercise power are subject to both good and evil influence. Prior to the full coming of the kingdom, when every evil power is destroyed, representing others and exercising authority will always be difficult and complex.

One of the complexities comes from a clash of values. Many trace the origins of government itself to such a clash—the conflict between freedom and order. We would all prefer complete freedom from the rules and restrictions of political rulers, but complete freedom would also give free reign to bad actors, creating disorder and chaos. So we trade some freedom for a modicum of order by accepting governmental authority. There are many ways values come into conflict like opportunity versus equality in the structure of an economy or obligations to help one another inside national borders versus aid to others beyond them.

Pray for leaders who face valuable clashes.

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